January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


The crap has arrived!
-A Happy Birthday balloon I think was meant for digitaljanitor

  • Jets shirt in a size that fits me. Too bad nothing weight loss related in the box.
  • A book about catching an Elf. Seems very inconsiderate to plot to abduct a little guy or girl who was just doing his or her job.
  • A spotlight bulb. I thought this was just an LED bulb and had a use for it, then saw it was for a spot light. Still might have a use for it.
    -A large elbow pipe. Perfect for periscope making.
    -An over the door clothing hook that holds two things. Convenient.
  • 4 flameless candles. Perfect for the shrine. Now to make a shrine to something.
  • A motorola VGA travel Adapter.
  • Some bouncing clay. It says “Make little beautiful world with my hands on”. Ookay. Also says ‘No mess’ which sounds like a challenge to me.
    -A humorous Woot pen that makes me almost want to go to a meeting so I can pull out the little sign asking if said meeting is over. It’s slightly broken.
  • A Woot bag to put the crap in.
    -A small child’s Krampus 5K t-shirt which I think is awesomesauce and will be made into a little tote bag or something because I don’t know any kids cool enough to wear it.
    -Not shown, well, it’s in the box under the book, is something which can at best be described as an ethnically insensitive “ashtray” promoting recreational drug use. That actually is disappointing.

Altogether, a good haul. I will post a picture of what the shirt is turned into. That’ll give me some motivation to do it before I lose it.


probably stands for “alien small”


Surely so :blush:



(Check your messages.)



hmmm… I don’t want to get a live cat in my Bag…



3lbs, gonna be small… hopefully some electronics…


They sometimes ship outside of the bag.


hmmmm :frowning:


Yeah, someone mistook my order of catshirts as cat, shirts.

commas save lives
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/8433q7/commas_save_lives/


That’s my favorite kind of brush to carry in my purse. Small and usable.


LOL. Great pics!

Nothing like a good challenge. :rofl: Can’t wait to see the tote!


Placeholder 3lbs, weigh 5.5lbs. 18 items in total.


Not to brag, but I’m clearly Kristen’s favorite. Not only did I get my crap a day early but it weighed in at 11.8 lbs.

Woot tote bag
Catalyst Tantalus liquor lock
Notebook with pen
King size duvet cover
Glass water bottle with crystal
Horseplay book
Squishy poop
The coolest donkey mug ever
Christmas cards
Diy neon light kit (will be used to spell out inappropriate things)
Small Dr. Who t-shirt (modeled by Scooter)

Scooter thinks his catnip tea mug is hysterical.

The rest now belongs to Roscoe.

Now we can make our own cat toys! (we are clearly not competent enough to do this thing)

Woot even covered this mint condition liquor lock in some kind of magical fairyland dust. It tastes like cardboard and immortality. I’ll let you know what super power I got in the morning.

Thank you everyone at Woot & TT for making this amazing dream BoC! You guys are my new best friends!!


I await the day when the LockPickingLawyer has his take at this lock:


Yeah that’s not going to stop my cats from drinking. They’ll just do what they always do and break the bottle and lick it off the floor.


Here is my Crap in all its glory!!!


Ready to be filled with switches.




With utter disappointment, my January BOC came almost immediately after I ordered it. And, it is with much remorse, that I give you the list of what was in it…

1 18-mos ferret calendar, that will help me time travel from July 2015-Dec 2016
1 children’s woot t-shirt, which the child terribly accepted immediately
1 neon diy neon light - ooooh
1 iconic NY coloring book
1 porcelain gravy ladle
1 1/4" pipe thread to tubing adapter - um???
1 pair of Florida State Seminoles flip flop earrings (anyone want to trade?)
1 Broncos necklace (again, looking for traders for anything Giants!)
1 Erick Carle Quiz and Learn gift for a friend
1 toughshell hardcore that fits my laptop!!!
1 3-tier oven rack
1 tangle jr. - taken by the kid again, hmpf.
1 woot poop that said kid loves
1 bad donkey mug, that the child may not have
and the obligatory green boc bag - can’t wait to use this at my local grocers!

All in all, disappointment abounds.


My crap arrived today but I am unable to open it until tomorrow when all of us can open it together. It has become quite the family event. I have picked it up a bunch of times trying to get hints but no sounds happen.


Thanks for posting the list in addition to the picture. I didn’t quite recognized the ferret on the calendar cover, so I really wanted to know what that was!
PS It looks like mine is coming tomorrow.