January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


And he KNOWS it!!!

It REALLY is! You’ve up’d your game a bit, haven’t you?!


It’s here!!! The Bag of Crap has finally darkened my door. Such a craptastic assortment of imported detritus crafted by the skilled hands of Chinese craftsmen.

Included in this craptastic Bag of Crap:

Deadpool t-shirt, size M.
Lego Knight’s mask. Worn all afternoon at work today.
The notorious Woot Monkey
Handy dandy Bag of Crap tote bag. Perfect for the transport of crap.
Travel mug cheering for Cougars. A salute to those ladies over 40?
Military trigger pull scale. Finally I can learn how light the trigger is on my shooting iron.
Big Dipper Scent Wicks. For spreading your favorite hunting cover scent or mate attractant.
One fancy Evan’s Dog Collar. Much too small for any of the BDSM folks I know.
A selfie stick. Yeah, whatever. Garbage bound.
University of North Carolina dog tags. I don’t have a dog.
Knife protector. WTF Is this to protect my knives from cutting themselves?
Washington State Cougars football ID wallet. I surely don’t want to be ID’ed with that.
One pair of suture cutting scissors. I can’t imagine.
The coveted non working Batman watch.
Motorola VGA adapters. Perfect for smacking someone upside the head with.
Package of Bett’s Spin jig heads. Let’s go fishing
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey children’s Scholastic book fair book. WOW!
One childs large Stealth Ninja costume in vibrant red color. Stealth?
An orange “professional quality” folding travel brush. Because only the best will do for a Bag of Crap
and finally, the ultimate prize…
One bag (600 count) of C & C Metal Product’s finest copper finished brass nail heads.


Got my bag of crap today!!! So awesome! Can’t wait till I’m eligible for another


3 pounds of bacon on cupcakes… already disappointed. Unless less it’s 3 pounds of bacon or cupcakes… :smile:


My disappointment arrived this morning. Best BOC I’ve received.

In the Box:
? bag
Woot flying/screaming monkey
Size small T-shirt
Batman Watch
Motorola VGA phone adapter
Assorted nails
Fantastic Beasts coloring book
3 pack of 3D scenes
Beachball/ Sunglass pack of something?
Safety Glasses
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
LED table light
Back In Time Documentary Movie
Sherpa Fleece Throw.

What an awesome haul! Thanks Woot!


My disappointment arrived yesterday:

Starting from top left
-Butterfly box of 40 ponytail holders and 4 hair clips
-Acrylic headphone stand
-Salt & Pepper shaker set
-Package of 2 hand warmers
-Motorola VGA travel adapter
-Woot! yellow t-shirt - size kids 10
-iPhone 6s case
-Woot! poop emoji stress ball
-Woot! BOC bag
-iPhone 6 plus case and screen protector
-Samsung S6 screen protector
-50 fingernail bows
-American Hardcore-The History of Punk Rock DVD
-Stax - The Soul of Hip Hop CD
-3 pack mini permanent markers


Bath rug
Bag o’ crap bag
Kansas City sport socks
Detroit Pistons window sticker
USB strobe light
“I’m Plotting” cat shirt
Gravy ladle
Component cables
3 Denver Broncos necklaces
NFL Cowboys duck call
Bad “Donkey” mug
3 tier oven rack
Personalized neon light
And squishy poop emoji


The titular bag
Amcrest 5MP Network Video recorder (NV4108)
Seasons Across America 2019 wall calendar
VRTek DCR1 Wireless Controller for Android VR
HotHands Toe Warmers 2-pack with adhesive
Dewalt 3/8"-drive 1/8" hex bit
(4x) Denver Broncos 22" logo necklace
University of Maine “Lifetiles” necklace
Poop emoji Woot! squishy thing
really heavy 6ft Belkin RGB RCA interconnect wire
Paladone DIY Neon Light
Size Small impressionist TARDIS shirt
Bad (Donkey) mug
And some fishing stuff:
Berkley HAVOC 10" Bass Baits
Hookup Lures 1/16oz #2 Pink
Got-Cha Jigfish 1/2 oz


My bag 'o crap
NY Giants Jersey
Woot t-shirt - not sure what those 3 lines/things are.
30 Kindergarten Diplomas (imagine the power I have now :slight_smile: )
12 pack of toilet paper (to help with all this crap)
Phone case - not sure what phone it fits
Batman watch
folding brush
Woot poop emoji (good thing I got the TP)
posh cat and kittens coloring book
a Vera Bradley Christmas card (I don’t even know Vera’s address)
View Master Virtual Reality - Into the! Labyrinth game (there’s my plans for Saturday night!)
A 11/64 drill bit (to help with the hook - listed below)
single wall hook (if I only had a drill bit…)
knife protector
30 size 8 fish hooks (no barbs) - a kindlier gentler fish hook
and of course the green woot BOC bag.



Space ships from sci-fi – the Millennium Falcon, Enterprise, and Serenity.


Thanks for the info.


My box of disappointment arrived today. Small box but chock full of:

USB Lamp with stage light
2 each Motorola VGA Adapters
Lg size NFL Football leather collar-Jaguars
Tape Measure with Keychain
3 pack Freshware Compartment Bento boxes with lids
4 boxes Jr Tangles Metallics
Woot Pen
bag of 22K Gold Plated Square Rounded Beads
Folding Brush with mirror
small ziplock bag with small black tube in it-pink thread wrapped around tube and small plastic pink bead
bag of spare parts for R/C model
3/4" Dual Adjust Side Release Buckle
Genuine NFL Football Bracelet
Instruction pamphlet for Halo Megablocks
Pack of Baseball Family Decals
Black female medium T-shirt that says “Make Coffee Not War”
Medium NFL Team Apparel long-sleeved Giants T-shirt
“How to catch an Elf” book
Screaming Monkey
Green Woot bag

Thank you Woot for my haul of disappointment!


I received my January 22nd BOC in the mail a few minutes ago. As is my custom, I recorded my unboxing, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/25sEDClh7xU Lots of good stuff in this box.
1 BOC bag
1 emoji squishy
1 Ravens key holder
1 LED Light
1 pack clay
1 pack hair bands
1 stove rack
1 sockamals
1 batman watch
1 drink mixer
1 sports helmet
1 TARDIS shirt
1 Dawg Pound Browns shirt


GG and I are composing ourselves as we prepare to post our BOC which has a total value of…get ready…$600- $700!!! I’ll start you all with a teaser…


Regular size box but heavy… 14.2lbs…the last item was 80% of the weight.

  • Batman watch - $24.99
  • Sparkle Fairy Princess costume w/ tiara,wings and bag - $17.99
  • Woot! kids T-shirt - $?
  • 12 x Comet 12oz. plastic Margarita stemware glasses - $94.45 (seriously!)
  • 3 pr. NY Rangers socks - msrp $20.00
  • Dalmation Sockimals - $12.00
  • Star Wars tin money bank - $9.25
  • Crocodile Creek Kids Backpack - $14.99
  • Wide-size playing cards - $5.99
  • Fairy Garden miniature bicycle - $5.00
  • Redskins gift wrap paper (37 yr Dolphins season tix holder) - $7.99
  • Green Woot! tote bag - $?
  • Magic Grow farm animal capsules - $4.75
  • WGV 12" Round mirror w/ smoothed edges - $17.00
  • Step Drill set (not sure how they’re used) - $26.21
  • Squishy Poo (not pictured) - Priceless
  • Larson Electronics 12-24VDC 100W Explosion-Proof Drop Light (ebay bound) - $388.62

    If it fits, I sits.
    THANKS WOOT!!! (Sorry, NOT dissappointed)


CoolWoot T-shirt


Here is my crap!

1 Green BOC bag
1 Plastic baby bib
1 Donut Panic! tshirt
1 Baba Mate clear covers for stove knobs
1 Towel holder
1 Over the door hanger
1 Stuff holder strap
9 Stickers for learning the piano
1 Owl cover for Galaxy Tab A
2 Heat pack
2 Advent candles
! Woot! pen
1 Dolphins case for Galaxy S6
1 Fishing bob
1 Fishing lure
0 Bags of Texas air
0 Woot letter



Ohhhhh, that’s soooooo cute. You must make it!

Hold it! You got a hoodie that fit? That’s a defective BOC!

Oooooooh, I like it. I have so much respect for people that can sew.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Apparently another defective BOC.

Oh for crying out loud. I’m going to have to talk to Kristen.

Well, that’s better.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sign!!!

So? How did it go?

Whoa. Dang.

Blast it. Stop rubbing it in!


Dang you got a KC Wallet!


My Big Ole Bag of Crap arrived!
Meat Tenderizer with 56 blades (thank god it has a safely lock)
Drinking Cup & Pill Box
Savage Collection Flask
Artestia Bronze napkin holder
Freshware 7 Pack 3 Compartment Lunch Boxes with lids
Samsung Galaxy Tablet case
1 usb connector thingy
spray bottle
sweet Woot pen
Cutequeen 30 cm 5050 15 amd green pack of 4 whatever pack - can’t deciper what kind of crap this is
2 Coolden phone accessories for a Note 3…hmmm I have a G7 edge
Popsockets phone grip - cute doggie
JETech Screen protector for S6…darn again i have G7 edge
How to Catch an Elf book
Beautiful kelly green Bag O’ Crap Wootin Bag to put all my disappointing crap in!