Japanese Fighting Fish

This is Samurai Jack’s favorite sushi

They’re swordfish!

Dayam. I thought of that earlier today, couldn’t wait to post my clever post, and woot beat me to it. Grrrrr…

alternative title:

“Kill Gill”

great collab, you too! In for one!

I thought it was Siamese fighting fish???

A slow-motion, epic battle with swords… Who needs the rewind button with this sluggish fight to the death?

If these were real fish, I would train them UFC style.

what do the characters mean?

So… I don’t get it. Do they eat sushi?

Red fish, at least look at the fish attacking you, instead of sideways!

i can’t decide if i should go for it… the image is a little big for my liking, but i think it’s such a cute shirt. :slight_smile:

They sort of look constipated…

definitely a winner in my book…showed this to a friend earlier and he got it immediately after I said “Japanese fighting fish”

Doesn’t their lower bodies look like mops to anyone?

My betta just died last week

Somewhat unrelated to the shirt, but have a sad story of a betta in a helmet …

Picked out a pet betta in my university days with a purple helmet-shaped spot on his head, and named him ‘Magneto’.

All was well … until the spot began to grow. Over the course of several months, it swelled and expanded into something that almost resembled a real helmet.

Turned out to be a tumor.

Poor Magneto. RIP and I hope you’re happy in fishy-heaven. Be sure to make friends with whichever of these fellows dies an honourable death in battle and joins you shortly.

They get to sweep up the competition afterward. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right.

Anybody knows that Japanese fighting fish would be Samarais! Or maybe Ninjas!

Who’s buying these pink shirts?

No, the loser WILL BE sushi! :slight_smile: