Japanese Hammered Gyuto Chef Knife, 10.5"

When it says do not chop bone, or use on hard surfaces. Could you please define “Hard surfaces”

That just means don’t cut on a metal board, porcelain plate, glass cutting boards. These have a narrow angle edge, and although they can be fantastically sharp, invest in a good sharpener to keep them in top shape.

vg-10 is hard, and brittle. cut on maple or edge grain teak. get a ceramic rod to keep the edge between sharpenings. $114 knife, cut whatever you like with it…

I second the recommendation of a ceramic rod, but VG-10 isn’t THAT brittle. Plastic or bamboo cutting boards will work fine as well. Just don’t use the cutting edge to scrape food off of the board. I saw someone doing that the other day and made a mental note to never let them use my knives.

Confirmed basically what digifiremkx said. From vendor:
Hard Surfaces: ex. granite countertop, plates, tempered glass cutting board. It will reduce the lifetime of knife itself and make it dull sooner. We recommend customers use on wood or plastic cutting board only.