Japanese Tree 3 PC Set - John Black (6 Versions)

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Japanese Tree 3 PC Set - John Black (6 Versions)
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Portlandia represent! Well actually I don’t live in Portland but this tree does.

Here’s my pic of it.

One more…It’s funny because in the pictures it looks so epic and grand, but it is such a little squirt of a tree. You have to get on your knees and duck under the canopy to get this shot. Only one person would fit. My jeans were covered in mud. It’s no taller than 5 feet, I swear.

Interesting. I live in Portland. Where is that tree?

It’s at the Japanese gardens

PLEASE GOOGLE for reviews on these as you decide about buying - last time they came up on woot, I did the research at Amazon and people were not happy for the most part.

The first time I saw this picture was last night before I went to bed and I’ve been dazzled by it ever since…the more I think about it, the more I want it. Unfortunately, there is a silent understanding between me and my wonderful wife which allows her exclusive rights to house décor without interference from me. It shouldn’t be that way because I’m the trained commercial artist in the family…she’s not.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to give it up. I intend to work on her all day until she allows me to buy the larger size of the Blue Ice version and hang it where ever I desire. I may even employ a bit of bribery (several pair of new shoes) to get my way. Wish me luck!

Those who purchased this from Amazon don’t have good things to say about this: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Wall-3-Piece-Japanese-Gallery/product-reviews/B00CL96DRC

I read that was “I may even employ a bit of shrubbery”. Good luck! Damn Monty Python.

Some battles aren’t worth fighting… :wink:

36x48 One-piece canvas with free shipping over at Wayfair.com with good reviews:

I got all excited at first glance thinking they might be Peter Lik prints. His work is just stunning in person:

Also, that must be a really popular tree to photograph.


Ah, yet another Amazon reject.

I love the idea of these, but of course the price point is ludicrously high for what they are. Nice try, though, m00t.

Really cool paintings, I like them a lot, but not enough to pay $125 for.

Most photographed tree Portland.

Located on the path halfway between points 10 and 4 on the pond side:

Search google images for ‘portland japanese maple’, majority of them are of this tree:

Have been there when there was a line of photographers waiting there turn to get under it.

Well, I tried and I tried very hard, but I must have gone about my plan in the wrong way because she won and I didn’t. She told me I could buy the artwork if it made me happy but the only space I could use to hang it is in the garage. I then decided to spring the bribe on her. I told her I would buy her 3 pairs of shoes. She quickly told me she didn’t like my taste in women’s shoes, besides if she wanted shoes she would buy them herself. At this point I was out of retorts…I had lost! I wanted to say that the 3 pairs of shoes I would have bought her were only 3 pairs of cheap sneakers…but I didn’t.