Jared Lang Button Down Shirts


Check the specs tab- we have some measurements in there.

Now I know where Cam Tucker gets his shirts.

My first thought too! Love that show.

Those aren’t button down shirts, button down shirts have buttons on the collar.

Can anyone comment on quality of these shirts?


is there shrinkage on these bad boys?

yes – pretty sure there’s a LARGE amount of shrinkage with these guys…

LOL… nice. 50 shades of …

actually they are. zoom in and you’ll see. nice try though

Nothing makes me want to buy a $55 dress shirt more than not knowing if it will fit, but knowing that it’s not returnable!

I did. Some have the buttons, others don’t the ones in the main picture don’t.

The size chart lists 3xl, the availability does not.

Extremely nice quality. Not your usually thin cotton shirt. Bought in another event for my son and can definitely see the quality difference.

Nope. Collar buttons are not a requirement to be button-down. Personally, I hate collar buttons because they cheapen the look of the shirt. That said, I wouldn’t wear any of these bro-shirts.