Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel

Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel, Santa Clara Valley
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From the previous offering, Winemaker Jason comments this is their first year for a Zin, and continues:

Amazingly this is a pretty fruity Zinfandel with pronounced strawberry flavors and great acidity. It only tastes sweat for the first second in the mouth then it develops into a complex Zin with smooth tannins, a touch of oak that both fill the mouth. You will be suprised. I recommend this wine now through the next 2 years - but I am laying some down for sure to see how it develops of the next 10-15 years! I am a very young wine maker so I get to experiment with the aging of wines for years to come. Enjoy! Jason

Sweat, sure hope he meant sweet!

So that would make this now approaching it’s prime?

I’m in based solely on previous wines I have purchased from them on Woot. Their Merlot and Cab are excellent!

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Their 2007 Cabernet and Merlot are fantastic. After well over 50 wine woots they are definitely in my Wine Woot top five.

If their Zinfandel is anywhere near as good I am in for the max.

Can anyone comment on the previous Zinfandel offering?

I do need some Zinfandel, and I have not been disappointed in my prior Jason-Stephen’s woots. In for two.

For the winery … please discuss how you moderate what must be a significant amount of heat from 16.8% alcohol

The cab and Merlot were excellent!

I promise you won’t notice much heat from this Zin on the Alc. It is super well balanced given the acidity, tannins, and fruit. Bright red fruits flavors over the many raisiny/pruney Zin on the market

Thanks again Woot community for all of the support. I have received so much positive feedback from the wine lovers on wine.woot about our Cab/Merlot offer. If you are a Zin fan this wine will deliver. Received a DOUBLE GOLD at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2012(largest wine comp. in the world). This happens to be the best selling wine out of our tasting room right now as well. I hope you enjoy this as much as the Cab/Merlot combo pack we did last month. Cheers! Jason

THANKS for the positive feedback! The Merlot is some of the winery staff’s favorite.


My Zin stores are a bit depleted, so I’m excited to try some of this.

I was reading through the previous woot comments and noticed quite the trend of leaky corks in the shipments.

Linke: http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?PostID=4539835

Can the winery please comment a bit on that? I’ve never had a leaky seal on a bottle, but is it something you were able to address? Were these a different bottled lot or should we be prepared for more leaking with these?

Got a bottle of this as part of a four pack from woot last year. Still holding the cab, but the others were really good. The zin wasn’t hot even with the high alcohol. Full bodied, but balanced. I’m going back for more.

I’ve enjoyed several white wines, but I’m still looking for a red that I’ll actually like. I tend to prefer wines on the sweeter side. I was fortune enough to have had the Woot Cellars Vinito del Finito late harvest zin and that was quite enjoyable.

Can anyone please chime in about how sweet, semisweet, or dry this particular zin is? Thanks in advance.

The residual sugar (sweetness) on this Zin is a little more than normal. So it hits the palate sweet, but finishes with a nice structured tannin and acidity finish. I really think you will enjoy the wine

I can’t seem to find what you a referring to anywhere on woot or through you link. Nor have I heard of any problems.

Thank you! I am glad you really enjoyed the wines!

I think this is where Cyradia was referring:

I have been to this winery a couple times and I have always been pleasantly surprised by the quality and drinkability of the wines.