Jason Stephens Winery Estate - 4 Pack Sampler

Jason Stephens Winery Estate - 4 Pack Sampler
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2007 Estate Merlot
1 2007 Syrah
1 2008 Zinfandel
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I love the song Abraham, Martin & Syrah…

At first glance, I thought “ooh, an attractively priced four bottle set. I haven’t bought a sampler set in ages.” Then i read further.

I winced at seeing the Cab at 14.5%. I shuddered, knowing i wasn’t buying this one, at the Syrah sitting over the 15% mark.

But nothing prepared me for 16.8% in the Zinfandel. Good lord. That’s terrifying.

Hi - Jason here, on Independance Day watching the fireworks and logging in to wine.woot! I am excited to offer this great deal.

This is a great opportunity to try 4 of our most popular wines in a sample pack. While we’ve established ourselves in Santa Clara Valley, we’re getting our first shot at “going National” here on wine.woot and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

I’m happy to answer any questions or just chat about the wines.

Cheers and Happy 4th of July!

I’d certainly love more info. I know it’s early yet for extra comments, but what’s your feel for the four wines on offer?

When i ask people about the alcohol and what they think after tasting most are 2% off on the high side. These are not “hot” wines, but super smooth and mellow with concentrated flavor. You will be suprised at the depth and flavor without the alcohol heat on the finish. Making good wine is why we have won so many awards in so few years. These will not disappoint. - Jason

Well I am biased being the winemaker - but I honestly feel you will be impressed with the wines. The have bold, rich, concentrated flavors, with balanced acidity and oak influence, with high levels of very smooth tannins. The wines are super clean with no “off” characteristics - Jason

I don’t think we’ve had anything labeled “Santa Clara Valley” before. Can you tell us about the area and why its a good place to grow wine grapes?

In for 1 despite my internal pleas to not purchase any more wine.

I’ve tried JS’ wines before… On a woot offering, I believe. I was very impressed with the reds purchased.

At these prices, you really can’t go wrong. Probably was a buy at $20-25 a bottle, much less $66 for 4.


Santa Clara Valley established the first premium wine growing association in California. With the growth of Silicon Valley, many wineries have since disappeared. Most remaining and new wineries are located in the south part of Santa Clara Valley which is situated between the Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey Bay, Santa Lucia Highlands/Carmel Valley. The soil and temperatures are diverse, so it is hard to describe the area as a whole, but our vineyard is located in Uvas Canyon which is a valley based vineyard with richer soils (from the mountain run off) and coastal influence since we are only 13 miles of the Monterey Bay. With the canyon location and the mountain between us and the ocean we still get very warm afternoons, but the fog rolls in over the hills to cool things off, but often the fog doesn’t reach the vineyard location.

If you have haven’t had Santa Clara Valley AVA wines, this is a great opportunity to try a new region! Cheers - Jason

Todd - Thanks! We are super glad you enjoyed the wines and shared your thoughts. I too believe this is a great opportunity to have some great wines at a great price! Happy sipping - Jason

According to cellartracker the Merlot took Best in Class at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Tasting this year. Easy enough to look all the wines up and see their results.

The Syrah also just took a Gold at the Orange County Wine Competition last month. wine.woot! is the first to get these wines as we are not even tasting them in the tasting room! The '08 Zin received a Silver at the same wine competition. Beverage Tasting Institute/tastings.com gave teh '07 Cab a Gold/Exceptional rating and gold medal.
I have been very pleased to say our wines have done extremely well of the last year in various wine competitions. I hope Wine Spectator or Parker gets a hold of them next!
I am sure you will enjoy as well. Cheers - Jason

We have great musical events at the winery every Friday night during the summer from 6-9pm.

Check out this great video -
Jason-Stephens Friday Night Live Video

There is one thing we like at Jason-Stephens which is to have a great time enjoying great friends, wines, and wonderful times. Enjoy the video and hope to see you there soon!- Jason

Hi Jason,
So the Zin at 16.8% . . . is it tasting more like a port? Should I lay it down for a couple of years and let it develop into a real wow! sipper?

I had to look twice at the winery, before I remembered where I had seen the name before.

Living in San Jose, I am familiar with the winery: they have a Friday evening music concert, and sometimes the local gourmet food trucks will show up for the concert. Also, the wines have turned up for auctions to support a local (Morgan Hill) private school. And, I’ve had some of the wines.

I need to talk with The Powers That Be (TPTB) on how many to go in for.

If you would like to see some pictures of Jason-Stephens Winery and you are on Facebook you can check us out here

While you are at it go ahead and like us on Facebook as well to keep up to date with our latest events and offerings.

Side note: the embedded Google ad for me on the wine.woot offer page is for a female-only self-paid rehab center. The ad doesn’t hit my demographic for so many reasons…

We’ve really liked The Blend from this winery, as well as some of the single varietals.