Jaton 5.1 Surround Sound System

5.1 surround from a company I don’t know? No thanks.

looks like sellout.woot is kinda getting the hang of it… likey… i could look at this one all night… so nice… useful linkage is there too… keep it up… this is looking nice.

dammit i already have a better one then this, and the pool cleaner is beat haha

good luck to all and i hope whoever wanted the woot got it


I’ll pass at this one, I already have a good souround sound system

Jaton 5.1 Surround Sound System
$34.99 + $5 shipping

1 Jaton 5.1 Surround Sound System AV-318S

Here’s to hoping the resellers automatically buy 3 of these, then are hit for a bit more than normal, plus having somethig that will be hard to move.

never heard of this brand…a skip for me

its sad when the sub draws the same power as each speaker itself.

I thought it’s JBL and was about to purchase, but then I finally realized that it’s “Jaton”
very disappointed :frowning:

i’m totally wishing i hadn’t bought that 5.1 altec lansing…

DUDE. to those complaining about this brand being unknown… read the specs. screw brand name

35 Hz? to 22Khz? that’s… pretty freaking good for a speaker system that’s less than 50

Hmm… I was all set to buy 3… these go for like $144 elsewhere… but I don’t really need these at the moment. Guess I’ll pass for now.

Can’t find a single review of these. Buy at your own risk.

I can not find a scrap of information on this model number anywhere. I mean, it looks good. But, is the quality going to be like those sold out of a white van down by the river?

Smarter.com review

doesnt look like its worth buying unless you dont like money lol

PCMall.com link
145 elsewhere good woot

Retail for over $140 Source

it retails for $100 + online…

$35 for a $130 system isn’t too bad if you need it…

Oh well, I stayed up for this. This looks to be a good price, but not for me. I have a nice set of speakers.
I guess the under $5 had to end sometime.