Jaton 5.1 Surround Sound System

if those speakers actually draw 35 legitimate watts I’ll buy three

Hmm very tempting because of the high cost elsewhere.

But none on eBay, hmmmm.

Yahoo Tech Review gives this 4/5 stars…





Manufacturer page


no, those are user reviews

good for a PC sound system

Like I could ever figure out how to hook this up anyway.

Am I missing something? All the listings of this model number on other sites list it as a 600watt system (100 per channel). Woot has this thing at 35w per channel for a total of 230watts. What’s going on?

I hope I don’t regret this. I just got one, then I’m like…“wth was I just thinking. I just dropped $43 bucks.” Then I checked ebay, and found that on one ebay store, their selling for $120, so I might try reselling em. But I do need a good set of speakers.

I think I’m just unnerved because I just bought the most expensive item I’ve ever bought on woot.(i know, that’s not saying much)

Drop the “S” from the model number, in other words, Jaton AV-318

35 watts per channel, I wonder how they would sound next to my 1000 watt system? if they were selling for 1 cent, I would have bought 3 of them, LMAO

Just the thing for a cheapass college student in need of surround for Halo 3. In for one.

Company WebSite:


Now, they say 100watts per channel. 600 watts total. That is more than likely max power output, not RMS.

mmm not enough info…

Woot has listed as RMS watts …other sites mention it in terms on PMPO watts…they both are correct in their own way.

I have a Bose acoustimass system from like 12 years ago… it was state of the art at the time… but a bit outdated now… doesn’t do 5.1 obviously. Do I want these just to get out of the mid-90’s? Or am I better off with the fancy-schmancy name brand yet older speakers?

This review site just took random reviews from other sites… one said it was worth every penny at $140, the other said a few dollars more could get you the next better Jaton system, and the third said it was total crap… trouble is the third was from Amazon and when you click “read full review” you find out it was reviewing a Sauder Mission Collection Home Theate… NOT the speakers

SO for the money this is a well worth buy.

It has 6 rca inputs, left, right, surround left, surround right, center, subwoofer.
Product page:

Price: great
quality: who knows?
I might get one just cause I dont have a stereo receiver for my tv, this cuts out the middle man.

I bit - my 2.1 speakers blew last week anyways…

Probably good for a computer system, but for my dvd’s and tv watching, I would like something with a bit more punch, but if someone is on a budget, these might do fine.