Jawas: The Last Hope

Jawas: The Last Hope

Jawas: The Last Hope

This is amazing!

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There are lots of versions of this already being printed





If you Google “Jaws Jawas shirt” you’ll find lots of variations of this. Not very original at all.

I did a search after coming up with the idea and did see (unsurprisingly) that I was not the first one to think of the pun. I think my choice of the landcrawler fits the original poster much better than the Jawas swimming, but that is for the voters to determine. I don’t want to call out specific designs, but the majority of the submissions in and near the fog are versions of existing ideas/shirts. As long as they are differentiated in some way through artwork or other, the voters will have the final say whether they want it as a shirt.

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I would also add that most/all of the examples I saw appeared to be cut and paste from photos and would not even be acceptable at woot.


Completely agree with KG. One artist I know preaches: “most original ideas have been done. Its our personal twist that makes them unique again.” I think KG’s drawing style alone is very unique and differentiates it from the rest.


Well that’s certainly a low bar to clear. You do owe me a new keyboard for the whole “unique style” bit. That’s the best spin of ‘hackneyed’ I’ve ever seen.

I’d hope that Woot’s idea of “original artwork” and for derby entries was something more than Hey, I’m gonna go look at the most popular designs from other sites and give them my own “personal twist” (gawd - I can’t even type that with a straight face, looking at this design) and turn it is as my own “original artwork”.

Same pun, same parody, same composition. Hell, even shucking C3P0 in there was in some of the other designs. If this one doesn’t get rejected for “similar designs exist elsewhere”, I’m not sure that rule has any meaning left in it.

Well, thanks Pat. You seem like a lovely person. I see you joined woot last November just to crap all over the designs from that derby. Hope to hear from you again in a few months.

I’m 100% ok with someone repurposing a previously existing design under certain circumstances, and that’s coming from someone who attempted this same idea 4+ years ago. I’m just glad someone was able to make it work :slight_smile:


You can point fingers all you want @PatMcP, but the truth is that as an artist, you’re not always going to be the first person to come up with a clever idea. IMO if it involves parody, doesn’t directly ripoff another design, and not currently for sale at Shirt.Woot, I consider it fair game as long as the design is strong enough to stand on its own. Am I taking a chance that it will be rejected? Absolutely! But that’s the risk I take when trying to put my own spin on an existing idea that I think I can improve.

I’m actually having a very similar dilemma with my design and whether to submit it or not. I thought I was a genius coming up with the idea of 'The Second Breakfast Club" and substituting the original cast with hobbits, but a quick Google search resulted in numerous versions of this exact idea. It’s probably my fault for not researching thoroughly before sketching, inking, and coloring the final artwork, but according to you, I’m a thief who ‘hackneyed’ an already popular design? Whatever you say… :roll_eyes:


Howdy all. How about everyone take a breather and come back with fresh eyes and friendlier posts. Constructive criticism is fine. Personal and repeated attacks are not.

Now go enjoy your weekend.

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Thanks TT. Have a nice weekend.

Wheels- I had not seen your submission before you sent the link. Looks like a pretty good version- if they had EC Mondays back then, it would definitely have printed and I would really look bad for my submission.