Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speaker (3 Colors)

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Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speaker (3 Colors)
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com and TONS of reviews rounded up for you over at engadget

This is a good price for Big JamBox. The sound is amazing, but there is a serious issue with Jambox ownership and it is its non-replaceable battery. You can’t change it yourself and Jawbone doesn’t provide a replacement service. After the battery dies, it will still function when plugged-in, but what’s the point of having a portable Bluetooth speaker if you have to have it plugged in all the time. I ended up returning mine because of this reason.

If you are OK with this one flaw, you will not be disappointed by the sound quality.

Why can’t you change it?! That’s messed up…definitely a deal breaker

Is this also true of the smaller ones? I want to buy one but missed out on the last sale.

Answers to various questions on the Jawbone Big Jambox forum
Bottom line (according to Jawbone) is that it’d take 4-5 years of average use for charge/discharge cycles to degrade the battery to 80% capacity. And longer than that before it becomes a table-top speaker.

While it’s disappointing that the battery isn’t replaceable, this wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me.

Anyway, got a mini-jambox last time around as a present for a family member, and am still on the fence about whether to get this - still reading reviews about the sound (which so far seem pretty positive).

Please help me out here. I’m thinking about buying two for the kids for Christmas. Per description it has a 90 day WOOT limited warranty. So warranty is up before they even unwrap them, not good if DOA out of the box.
How do I find out additional warranty since it’s “factory reconditioned”?

This have a good sound quality at a great price, i’ve had 4 different high quality bluetooth speakers for the price you really can’t beat this. Much better than the Bose and Klipsch ones. The UE Boom is the best sounding for the type of music i listen to (rock and country).

would love woot to start getting some UE headphones and portable speakers as their top of the line stuff has blown me away.

As with almost all retailers, the warranty starts at purchase although we allow a little leeway for delivery time.

You should open and test ALL electronic devices (and other items) when buying them early for the holidays.

My brother has one of these. I have heard it and I can say the sound is incredibly good.

I can’t really speak for a factory reconditioned model but I bought one new and have had it for a couple years. Battery life is still great on it and I use it probably more than the average person would.

The biggest compliment I can give it thought is it is durable. I Put it on top of my brothers car before getting in and forgot it was up there. He drove away and when we took a corner it flew off and slammed on the ground and rolled down the street. The two side covers popped off and it has dents all over it but it still works exactly the same as before. Can’t do much better than that.

To me, u can get a bluetooth full sized soundbar for much less.

Example is the Yamaha ATS-1520BL-R soundbar, recently on sale at amazon for $149… great sound quality.

The battery issue is more interesting. ALL Li-polimer/ion batteries have a life of about 500 charge/discharge cycles… unless they are LiFe type of batteries, which Jambox does not have.

If u charge and discharge them, you get about 1-2 years of use… notice how your cell phone battery gets bad after about a year or 2?.. same reason.

Jambone is good product for the small one, etc… but once you get to bigger size, it dont make sense to spend so much when there are better products out there (ie MUCH better sound) with bluetooth for much less.

The Yamaha soundbar is a different type of product. It runs on AC and has no battery issues. I don’t understand why you brought that product up in this thread.

Apples and Oranges I’m afraid.
They have that soundbar, refurb’d, for 179 right now. But that isn’t the problem.

I have a set of BT speakers that are dying so I’m considering this… So… Who uses wireless BT speakers? I use mine at the picnic table… by the poolside… Camping… Outside washing the cars… etc.

How would this soundbar be an even remotely suitable replacement item? It’s huge for one. It requires AC power. It’s a device for the TV or in the home… And if that’s the case my Klipsch reference setup with my Rotel amp is a far better listening option.

So yes… the Soundbar may sound better… But it is wholly inadequate in every other category that one would use it.

Has anyone compared the sound from this to a Bose mini? I’ve heard a Bose. I’ve never heard one of these. And as far as the battery issue I’m ok with that. By the time it goes bad they’ll be implanting bluetooth speakers in our ear canals.

I, for one, will welcome our ear canal bluetooth overlords.

The Jawbone on Woot is not small at all… ur not going to carry it around much, if at all.

Once the battery goes on it… and it will, u have an AC only product… ergo the same as a soundbar.

Either you should get a very small portable speaker, and Jawbone makes a great little portable one, or get a full sized soundbar.

This Large Jawbone makes all the wrong compromises…it is not very “portable” at all… and the sound quality will never match even the cheapest full sized soundbar.

Look at the price, for a refurb, it is $159… quite high for a portable speaker.

I recently bought the AmazonBasics Large Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $64 during a lightning sale… appears to have similar specs to to Jawbone (in fact, all of these seem to be made in the same factory in China). Good sound, somewhat portable, etc. After having it for awhile, i realize that I ain’t taking it with me very much at all… IT AIN’T SMALL.

but there is huge difference between, $64 (or 80 now not on sale) and $159 for a refurb product.

So undertand that this Woot deal is a good deal for what it is… a low price… but the product is not as useful as the small jawbone speakers.

I have a jambox mini and it’s great for filling small places with sound. However it’s incapable of sending sound for example, across a soccer field for warm up, pump up jams. The big jambox is perfect if you need BIG portable sound. The mini jambox is great for smaller indoor spaces. I’m getting one for big outdoor sound. It is portable for that use (comparing it to a sound bar is like comparing apples to breakfast cereals) and $159 is a really great price for one.