Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speakers

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Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speakers
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

So tempting! I was considering a Bluetooth speaker to replace the clock radio dock in my bedroom. I heard this at Best Buy and it sounds great, but I’m not sure if I can justify the expense for something I won’t use all that much.

Great product. The battery life on mine has been consistently 18 hours,after a charge cycle of no more than 90 min.

The sound - frequency range, clarity, volume, lack of distortion - is exceptional. I often experience stereo separation of several feet on either side of the jambox. Amazing. Lows and highs are crystal clear.

The speakerphone function is flawless, and when pairing the Jumbo with your phone, essential.

Great price on a product I would rank above the Klipsch Km3.

Did a little research…

Beware… Woot… F rating by the BBB…

Complaint Type / Total Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues14
Billing / Collection Issues16
Delivery Issues100
Guarantee / Warranty Issues7
Problems with Product / Service207
Total Closed Complaints 344 -

Like the product, hate the marketing / pricing speak. Are these really $300 anywhere? Street prices are lower. BuyDig today, $315 with free shipping vs $305 from Woot. I’m tempted to go to BuyDig just to cost Woot a customer - and dope slap them for their practices. I get it, you compare to release MSRPs. No one pays attention to those. Help us out.

You are 100% correct. Seeing this item as low as $215. SO where is that huge savings???

A note on pricing, it looks like while it’s $205 here ($200 and $5 shipping), it’s not much more on Amazon ($218 for red, for example, with free shipping), and they have a nice blue one.

Agreed pricing isn’t anything too special. Jawbone always seems to be priced $50 too high considering the competition. At this price point its worth considering the Sony SRS X5 (or even the X3!) that you should find for around $40 cheaper and the Bose Soundlink Mini.

I wouldn’t pay more than 99. Wait for a refurb. (or for 149 you may be able to get a refurb direct from the manufacturer)

I’ve got both the Big JamBox and the Klipsch KMC1. Neither are worth the 299 MSRP or even 199. 99 is more like it and with patience they can both be had at that price on this website.

Personally I prefer the Klipsch but both have their minor annoyances. (human voice Jawbone? was that necessary?) I think the KMC1 is a bit more durable and it has user replaceable batteries. Both sound good and have long battery life.

I think my ideal speaker of this size would be the Klipsch with real buttons and a volume knob. Don’t like the touch sensitive controls.

Even best buy has these for $199 right now, with free shipping.


Did anyone else notice the price just drop to $184.99?

I have had the smaller Jambox for 3 years now and love it. The sound quality has degraded since new, but it still sounds good. My next one will definitely be this model, but not today woot

Was $159.00 new on Amazon Gold Box earlier this week

Wow–that’s great to know. I guess I won’t successfully buy more than 125 things from Woot over the past 7 years with hardly any problems at all.

Hey all, price has dropped to $184.99!

Did a little research…

Beware… Microsoft… F rating by the BBB…

Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues 125
Billing / Collection Issues 125
Delivery Issues 61
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 45
Other 1
Problems with Product / Service 1104
Total Closed Complaints 1461

BBB ratings are almost useless for a company the size of woot!

Not to mention that if the business does not pay to be “BBB accredited” their grade is lower.

These sound good for a small speaker, but you’d get better sound buying a non-bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth is a radio technology with limited bandwidth and never will sound better than a wired connection. Unless you absolutely need wireless speakers, you’ll probably find yourself using the Aux input as often as not, since it will sound better and is easier to connect to different sound sources. So why spend the extra for a feature you’ll rarely use? Almost any portable speaker that uses a wired connection will sound better than a bluetooth model at the same price point.

Because physics. And economics.