Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speakers

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Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speakers
Price: $179.99
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Condition: New


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Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com and lots of great reviews over at engadget

We have one that I bought my husband for his birthday a couple years ago. Paid about $220 at the time. It is great. It has much better sound than the smaller Jambox or other smaller USB speakers that we have tried. It charges easily and holds a charge for quite a long play time. It was easy to set up and get paired with devices.

I have one of these got it as a gift. The thing is just awesome. Your not going to beat this price on a new one first time I’ve ever seen it this cheap for new. Best sounds I’ve heard out of any of the products like this.

I love mine. Best portable speaker I have had. Bluetooth is easily paired and the sound is great. Its built tough, knocked it around accidentally a few time and it keeps on going strong with great sound. It gives warning as to how low the battery is, once at half full, quarter full, and a final one when its about to go out. The battery life is superb on this. The battery life shows up on most i-devices, next to the Bluetooth symbol. One little caveat I have with it is it will “seek” out any other devices that it has paired with in the past if it loses connection with the primary device. I had to turn off my Bluetooth on my computer so that when I disconnect my ipod, it won’t automatically connect with it and be in standby with the sound. I bought mine for 250 from BestBuy about 2 years ago and would buy again.

Echoing the other comments here, this is easily one of the best BT speakers out there.
I started with the original jambox and found it so durable and useful I upgraded to the big version. I use this everywhere with me. I take it fishing, bbq’s you name.
Durability is top notch with being banged around and I have even left it out in the rain and it’s dried out and been ok. Love it.

How would you guys compare this to the Klipsch KMC1 that was available a few days ago? Thanks.

Well, first we would point out how they were similar. Then we would point how they were different. Finally, we would make some sort of recommendation on which is better or if they are more or less equivalent. Hope this helps.

Congratulations. That may qualify for the most useless useful post.

You can get one of these at target for 150 today with the 40% coupon from their cartwheel app.

And the cartwheel coupon expires today, so hurry!

I’ll take that for what it clearly is—the best compliment I will probably recieve all week.

Heck, I’ll even give you a quality post for that one.

Am I the only one that thinks that $200 for a battery, speaker and BT chip is ridiculous?

You are not alone. I have a couple Bluetooth speakers and haven’t spent more than $40 on the mothership website. Comparing them to similar name brands such as Jawbone and Bose, I can not justify spending over 4x more for a marginal (subjective) increase in sound quality. I also figured I’d rather have a $40 paperweight than a $200 one if/when it craps out a month after the warranty expires.

I would also be interested in thoughts on how this compares to the Klipsch KMC1.

tell mehhhh