Jawbone BIG Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Which color is which… is the green/graphite the darker one?

All the extra photos have been removed. Should be easier now.

Is the red available?

I purchased one and just got this note:

Woot here with some bad news: we’re unable to fulfill order number 55009384 for your Jawbone BIG Jambox and are issuing a refund to your account ASAP. We are sorry we were unable to get you the item that you ordered so we’ve credited your account with a $5 coupon code as a small way of saying sorry.

I received the same note that they cancelled my order yet they are still listed here. I don’t understand.

fbg1959 & rickbaron: Hi there. Sorry for the cancels. I looked into it with the teams. The vendor didn’t have as many to sell as we were told so a few orders were canceled. Red is no longer available and has been sold out. Again, sorry for the confusion.