Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset: Black Streak

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Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset: Black Streak
Price: $39.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jan 05 to Wednesday, Jan 06) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out this review over at Cnet

Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they really as loud, clean and easy to operate as the hype would suggest?

I’d also like to hear from owners, particularly about how well the noise cancellation works in wind, and whether the proprietary charger is the only way to charge the thing (i.e., if the charger stops working, you’re screwed).

From a quick GIS it does look like you can charge it with just a mini-USB, and it looks like you can even buy it without the charging case, so there’s bound to be a bunch of people posting incorrect info about standard retail.

Mothership sells with the charging case @ $99, without @ $67.

FYI, over on Google Play there are very mixed reviews of the accompanying app that controls various features.

And as long as I’m poking around the interwebs, CNET users really no likey.

I’ve been using my Era for a little over two years now and other than diminished battery life it has been the best of the Jawbone line of headsets for me in regards to the noise cancellation and volume. I use mine every day in a Kenworth T660 when making or receiving calls to stay in compliance with DOT regs. (I never tried the “New Era”.) The charge port is micro usb so no worries about the charge case going bad or getting lost (I purchased mine without the charge case). My only reservation about this Woot would be that you get all three ear pieces that come with a retail purchase, not just one size that may not fit. Good luck.

Those reviews are for the new 2014 Era. Now I’m confused about which one is being sold here today.

Ok, disregard all the following. I just realized that woot is selling the “new 2014 Era” here today. I have the older Era that I’m pretty sure is a way better headset.

So the older one is better than the newer one, which is being sold here?
What leads you to believe the older one is better than the newer one?

I have had it, along with every other headset out there. It’s fine. Not amazing. The Voyager Legend is the way to go. Hands down. Battery, comfort, noise etc. It’s not as cool looking but when compared to the Bose, Jawbone (various), BlueANT and Jawbone (various.)

It’s a great price but not the best product out there. I travel in the car 3-5 hours a day.

After my 2013 ERA got lost, I bought one of these on Amazon. Amazing technology in a very uncomfortable package. They are tough to fit in the ear, fall out easily, the rubber lens on the tiny speaker dislodges easily. After 3 months of trying to get used to it, I gave up and bought a 2013 model, which I have been using ever since. Cannot recommend this one!

I tried that one, and it hurt my ear so bad I had to return it. I must have tiny ear holes (giggity) or something, because the smallest ear gel was even too big. The sound quality was great though!

The best ear piece I ever had was the original BlueAnt Q1. It eventually broke after like, four years. I bought a Q3, but it sounded bad; tinny and staticy.

Sad times. I had a BlueAnt Q1 and loved it, but recently left it in a loaner car never to see it again. Was considering one of these just because the price is so low but after reading up on reviews - perhaps not.

My car now has bluetooth connectivity but I still want a headset to avoid having to hold my phone to my ear all the time when not in the car.

I wrote a huge review of my experience with these because I thought the Era was great, and I still use mine today, HOWEVER:

i just realized that this is a newer Era model, I still have/use an old 2012-ish model which is not the same, no charging-case and what not. So I would recommend the old one (great sound quality, still working awesome after many years) but reading up on these it appears Jawbone had tons of quality control issues and thats why we see so many refurbs for sale online all the time

The old ones came with many different earpieces to customize for your ear. These new ones may not.

BINGO! Old ERA, good…New ERA, bad. Add in that this one being sold is a refurb, you truly don’t know what you’re getting. Many of these were sent back since they were released and software upgrades didn’t seem to fix the multiple problems they had. $40 crap shoot…

Warranty information please.

Having owned numerous Jawbone headsets over the years, I have had negative experiences with refurbished Jawbone Bluetooth headsets. Most of them were dead within 6 months.

In almost all cases, Jawbone would not honor any type of warranty unless the reseller was “Authorized”.

Agree with this sentiment.

The old one looks slightly chunkier and has worked great for me (though not as good as the Plantronics Voyager). I have it in the case with my laptop for mobile conference call fun. I bought the old one on purpose because the new ones were just coming out with some bad reviews.