Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker

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Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Mar 20 to Tuesday, Mar 25) + transit


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Hey all. We accidentally had one listed as NEW. THESE ARE ALL REFURBISHED.

Sorry for the confusion.

Not to knock this but shouldn’t this be offered at a discounted price then what is has been regularly listed at since it is a woot off? I have seen these for as low as 55 on other sites and woot has had them listed for 69.99 before?

Listed in Dec

For what it’s worth I have the Big Jambox and it is great. Every bit as good as my father’s Bose which is the same price. My buddy has this model and loves it. They make great speaker phones as well.

Bought one of these after a friend brought one on a camping trip - truly great sound and the battery lasted the whole weekend - I was sold! Bought one a couple of weeks later…highly recommended if you want a portable small speaker (they make a bigger version too)and care about sound quality…

Nabbed one before the other color options were available. Now I’m stuck with grey hex?

This will be my second one. The first one still works fine. I am going to use this one at work. I find the jambox to be an excellent product and well worth the money I just spent here. The Amazon price for the black one $149.

Woot doesn’t work like that anymore. :frowning:

These aren’t bad. I ended up with this and a “jam plus” speaker last year. I kept the jam plus.

I think you can use this as a speaker phone though.


Got these for the kids this Christmas, Verizon was selling them new for $99 in the store. Just spent several hours with the kids yesterday cooking for an upcoming family event, and we always rock tunes in the kitchen when we do this. It is incredibly good sound for such a small package. We have a Bose Wave radio in the kitchen as well, and the Bose is better for richness and tone, a full level above. However, the Bose was $400, is not bluetooth or battery operated, and if you had never heard the Bose in the same room you wouldn’t care; the Jambox sound was excellent. The kids weren’t really using theirs before yesterday’s jam, they got ear buds with their new iPhones. But now they’re realizing how they can have great sound in their room, without dragging their ear buds around all the time. Anyone out there listening to the speakers on their iPods, or tired of tangled ear bud cables, would not be disappointed with one of these.

Nice BT speaker. I got mine (refurb.) from another discount website for $59 w/ free shipping.

Would you mind sharing where?

Another 59.99 and Free Shipping

Rakuten (Buy.com)

anyone receive theirs yet?

Got mine today. TERRIBLE product and to call this “Refurbished”. Mine sounds terrible, packaging is terrible, dented and still appears to have a “splash” of coke stained on the back. I plug it in and find its not even running anywhere near the latest firmware version.

I will be working to return this product.


what a bummer, I haven’t even gotten a tracking number from Woot yet. I ordered the tea set from earlier in the woot off and it shipped the next day and I had it in hand the day after that…

I got mine last night, dirty. You would think before reselling they’d at least wipe down the unit. Also my plastic box was completely broken. UMM no cords at all only got owners manual and speaker.
Yet the description says

“In the box:
Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
microUSB Charging Cable (12.5”)
3.5mm Stereo Cable (36")
AC Adapter"

I contacted woot, will update with any progress.

I just wrote Woot too, I just got an email from UPS saying my package was left on my doorstep yesterday… but I’d have noticed it when I got in. These things happen, just irritated it happened to me.