Jawbone Mini Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

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This was a great deal 1/26/2016 when it was $44.99. I thought ‘sellout’ was supposed to be the best deal. What happened?

Concur. I bought one then, works great, but it was $15 less.

Was the last one refurbished or reconditioned? This one is new. Otherwise there’s always the possibility that this is a different shipment, which could’ve had a different cost.

Comments from a previous offer

Stereo or mono?

Plays both channels by default. Easy to hook up 2 of these to play left and right stereo. I use these every day. My favorite application is for TV. I use a $20 blue tooth transmitter to cast sound to this and have TV sound right next to me rather than blasting sound throughout the living room disrupting the whole house.

I have one of these. I also have a UE mini boom. The jambox sounds good, the mini boom sounds a lot better and regularly goes for this price range refurbished. I would strongly recommend waiting for that.

100% agree on all accounts.

It’s available on amazon for the same price, prime shipping (through a 3rd party seller)