Jawbone UP24 (2 Colors)

Sorry, but there is not much good I can say about Jawbone trackers. Had the UP24. Lost it several times including 2 permanently due to the terrible design. Very easy to knock off your wrist.

Currently wearing an UP2 which I have had to superglue the band back together about every two weeks for the last three months. This one replaced the previous UP2 which also tore. Again, bad design because the rubber flexes at two places beyond where the hard internal part stops. Have lost my UP2 several times because the clasp isn’t very robust. So then last night it was giving me an error regarding the battery, but they will send me a new one for free with a 90 day warranty.

Because I don’t like spending money when I don’t need to, I will continue to wear it as it does a pretty good job counting steps and tracking sleep. However, once that one fails, I am done with Jawbone products.

Too many other good trackers that don’t have these problems.

Purchase cautiously.

These bands are pretty great considering there are pricier ones out there that don’t do as well of a job as this one does with steps and sleep. I have had every variation of the UP bands and have never had it fall off(even while playing a tennis match), running, or just general use. Have never had the band rip or otherwise show any sort of wear like fitbits and other bands do. Get the right size and it will last you forever. Would recommend to anyone.