Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Sport Headphones

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Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Sport Headphones
Price: $124.99
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I have a pair of these and they are awesome.I’m not an ‘audiophile’ by any means but these are great for exercising- They stay in my ears (which is rare for earbuds) and sound great.

I bought a set of the X2 Fires. Love 'em. Spend a bit of time fitting them properly - lots of different combinations of pieces to get them fit properly.

Awesome customer service!

Where’s the name of the color that is usually in the corner of the photos?

I wanna grab a set, but they have such exotic names, I don’t know what they mean.

4.3 Stars over at Best Buy

For those of you one the fence, these are great headphones. I’ve had them for about a year now and they’re still running strong. The sound quality is pretty good considering they are bluetooth “sport” headphones. I’m pretty sure they have a lifetime warranty, and the customer service is great if an issue ever does come up.

I think the images are in the same order as the options.

These are terrific. I JUST bought a pair from BB last week for $150 and they’re worth every penny. They sound leagues better than the stock iPhone earbuds, have crazy long battery life (I’ve gone almost 8 hours with no battery warning) and they’re actually comfortable!

At this price, buy these.

I replaced my work headset (pc based phone system) with a pair of these, paying full price. I’m getting a second pair now so I can keep one pair there, and have one for everywhere else. With the right fit they even work great for silencing the outside noises around you. No active filters just a great design and fit. Sound is spectacular for an in ear headset. And those wings are removable if you don’t like the feel.

Why do companies pick such weird names!?!?!?

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Bought this at Best Buy about 6 months back paying full price.

Great headphones. I use it while jogging and exercising.

Would’ve definitely ordered one if I did not own it already.

Highly recommend.

Appreciate everyone’s comments and am thinking of buying a pair. But being a prime member at Amazon trying to figure why I would buy them here. $5 to $10 dollars more for the color I would choose after shipping, I will have them by Monday or Tuesday, and if I need to return so much easier to do so through Amazon. Seems you really need to discount things more here to make it worthwhile in my opinion.

The X2 version are a nice improvement. improved battery management, I easily get an honest 8 hours of listening on a charge. I suggest cleaning the parts occasionally otherwise they fall off when you’re not wearing them off.