Jaybirds Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

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Jaybirds Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds
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I love mine and they’ve held up well. But I lost the charging cable and it’s not a standard connection. For that alone I won’t get another.

I owned a pair, until it developed a short right where the wire enters; which was a good time after I bought them. They were good, but the biggest pain was the side power/control button. One needs to press the unit “into” their ear to operate it. With the Freedom Spirit, they got it right by moving it to the top edge, so you can “squeeze” it between two fingers to operate it. It’s not a bad unit, especially for the Woot price, but the design could have been better.

It’s a “standard” but not one widely used. It uses a USB Mini-B connector. You can get a replacement for about $8 on Amazon. Their newer headphones (Bluebud X) uses the more common USB Micro connector.
Overall great headphones for the price!
Link to the USB cable:

This is their old model, and I have a pair. They are absolutely awesome. They come with different adjustments for your ears, that make it practically impossible for them to fall out.

does anyone know if I can use these with playstation or xbox?

I would not try to use them with the ps4 or xbox. The bluetooth connection on these are absolutely terrible. I can’t even leave the phone in my pocket and listen to music.

I’ve had these for a couple years now and they do sound great! No issues with the Bluetooth range either!

Have had a pair of these for years. Pretty good deal at this price. Will stay secure in your ears. Bluetooth range can be weak (bluetooth receiver is in right earbud, and if running with phone on left arm may cut out sometimes… simply solved problem by moving phone to right arm).

Does everyone have range issues with these earbuds? If your phone has to be on your right arm instead of your left arm, that is a seriously short range.

My understanding (from other Bluetooth headphones) is that it’s not a range issue, it’s a water issue. Because your body is composed mostly of water, the Bluetooth waves can’t penetrate your body. So if the receiver in your right ear is trying to receive info from the phone on your left arm, it’s going through all that water in your body and not being very successful.

Logical, but I do know that the newer model (Bluebird X) seems to have much better range. I can put my phone on my left arm and the X headphones work fine - but they are more than double the price, so for this deal I would switch arms!

The packaging actually confirmed what I wrote. Step 2 says, “Your body is 80% water. Water blocks low power radio signals like bluetooth in the absence of nearby ceilings for signal bounce. Keep the music device on your right side, the same side as the headphone antenna.”

I’d hoped that I could just switch it around and put the right side earphone into my left ear, but it’s angled in such a way that it probably won’t work. Oh, well, I’ve gotten used to wearing the phone on my right arm anyway.

Very disappointed that these did not include the fin-shaped ear cushions as described in the specs:

In The Box:

Jaybirds MAIN-26965 Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds
3 sizes of the new Secure Fit sport ear cushions <--- NOT INCLUDED!
3 sizes of ear tips
USB charging cable

Woot support answered that I could send them back for a full refund or get $12 off ($4 per set, since I ordered 3). When I complained that it would not cover the $8.95 replacement cost per set, they said they could not provide any more than $15. So now I’ll spend almost twice that to get something they lied about being included.

Vendor confirms they should’ve been included; sorry yours were missing. Please get in touch with Jaybirds, as the earbuds have a 1yr warranty with them. They can most likely send just the missing parts.

If you need any further assistance, please email your order number and issue to support@woot.com.