Jaybirds Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

I have had these for more than 3 years and I paid $135 for them when they were new. Best wireless workout headphones ever! They stay in place while running and are very comfortable. Buy them. Hell buy 3 of them for this price!

Bought these when they were new for about $100. Lasted about 5 to 6 months when the battery died. That’s longer than most other ones lasted during that time period. I’ve tried most of them. I believe they had a recall on the batteries but can’t recall (haha) the specifics.

I did not find any info on a recall.

They did not come with ear fins! Had to return because the fit was sub par.

Mine didn’t have earfins either :confused:

These don’t show the ear fins. I don’t think they’re included with this item.

Mine was missing ear cushions also. The “features” clearly stated “Includes: 3 sizes of the new Secure Fit sport ear cushions, 3 sizes of ear tips, USB charging cable.” This is the second time woot didn’t send me everything that was stated in the description. The first time was a grill with a cover- with no cover. The only options were send it back or get a partial refund. Hope this doesn’t become the new woot…

I’m really sorry to hear that. Have you gotten in touch with customer service?