JBL Charge 4 + JBL FreeX Earbuds Bundle

JBL Charge 4 + JBL FreeX Earbuds Bundle

This again so we can read why am I being charged for freeX buds. Before we see TT respond on why the JBL buds aren’t free. I will mention “no the buds are not free.” That is why you will be charged more than $90+ for the Charge 4 and buds bundle.

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Haha looks like in the wording… You get them free… But it’s the name… Meaning free from wires… Wow… How easily how a sales pitch works!!


Speaker alone is $89.99.

Same speaker with free ear buds is $109.99?

The model is FreeX. They are not free.

Do they come in original box?

It’s the name


Likely not. Most factory reconditioned items come in a brown box.