JBL Control X Wireless - 5.25'' BT Stereo Speakers

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JBL Control X Wireless - 5.25’’ BT Stereo Speakers
Price: $279.99
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Condition: New


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I think Woot should be more mindful of their pricing somehow. The original price quoted in this case was 8 or 10 years ago when these were produced. Note the Bluetooth 2.1 spec on mfg site which is left off of specs here. Bluetooth current spec is 5. These still may be good speakers but their adjusted price is equal to competitors that have the advantage of more current technology. Electronics get cheaper and better but I don’t think that is reflected with the pricing on these.

I think Woot likes to use the highest possible MSRP price to make their price look so much better. Ohh how I miss the Woot from years ago.


The comments helped me decide NOT to buy these. I am an old JBL fan (can you remember the 100s model from the 1970s?)

Thanks to the perceptive buyers!

Me too…

I too miss the Woot of yore. I now check closely to see how much of a bargain the item is. Also, when was the last Woot-off?

The value of these as far as I can tell come from these 2 features:

  • Ability to connect 4
  • Ability to combine stereo into a single speaker x 4 channels

If those aren’t the reasons you want these, I can’t imagine they are worth the price tag.

Wow, lots of “old woot” comments. Never fear, we have a shirt just for you.

Take a look!

Last month.

The reason to have 2 or more speaks is not to just be stereo but to create a soundstage. For that to work the positioning of the speakers is important ie. somewhat equal distance etc. etc… by definition these are more for casual placement. For this price you can get better sound, wifi 802.11ac, 4.1 bluetooth, 192k streaming (bluebook CD is 44.1k), whole house integration if you add more speakers, built in Tidal and Spotify apps, online updates AND room correction. Also latest wave of class D amplification (class D now eclipses all the amps of your youth:)) so just saying because its a hobby of mine.

List prices are usually dreams of the manufacturer BUT , they’re still selling for that price on a Amazon.

JBL website has them listed for 299.00

[MOD: incorrect. They are $499 on the JBL site.

So, in a nutshell, woot! knows how terrible they are these days and they’re mocking us. They don’t care as long as they make their money, of course. And should they? Probably not, and are laughing all the way to the bank, apparently… but they’re still terrible.

Hey Woot, where is the wall mounting hardware?

I think it’s more just that Woot staff has gotten jaded by all the “it’s cheaper here, I miss the old woot!” posts by people who get the product or price entirely wrong when trying to link “better deals”, as shown above.

Plus, to be fair, to claim you miss the “old woot” because the staff is being sarcastic shows that you don’t actually remember the old woot. They’ve always been sarcastic.

YAY! You get us! It seemed like an appropriate response to the “old woot” posts. We love making fun of ourselves.

And to be fair, all the price posts were incorrect. This is a good price.

Took a look in the JBL manual and I don’t see anything about mounting hardware being included. Sorry.

Selling for 499 on amazon? More like being offered for sale at 499. There are only 3 reviews on the product for a reason, and I wonder how many actually paid for them.

Per usual, this is an item sitting around a warehouse not being sold because it’s outdated and overpriced even here.

Do yourselves a favor and buy real speakers with properly gauged wires for optimal sound quality.

Read this review…

"As a cord-cutting update to the static Control X speakers from 2015, these speakers have impressive functionality. Their Bluetooth connectivity, battery and multi-pair functionality are undoubtedly useful features to have.

Unfortunately, their sound quality lets them down. They don’t deliver the same levels of detail, or dynamism, as their best competitors.

If you’ve been looking for something to take outside with you, these speakers will satisfy. But don’t expect them to be the last word in subtlety or insight."