JBL Endurance Peak II Waterproof Sport Earbuds (Factory Reconditioned)

JBL Endurance Peak II Waterproof Sport Earbuds (Factory Reconditioned)


Read comments on JBL website before buying these. I purchased them and regret it. Charging or getting them to charge in the case is an ISSUE. They (JBL) say clean the contact area but that is NOT the issue. If you hold them down while in the case you will get a charge but I have attempted everything possible (rubberbands and taking off the ear adapters) and nothing other than constant attention will get you a reliable charge and therefore they will not work after charge is gone and giving this attention during the charge is not worth it.


100% agree. I purchased these new in January hoping to avoid the charging issue but no such luck. The right earbud never seems to get over 70% for me. The left 80%. (Edit: they do get to 100% if I carefully get the earbuds into the case without closing the lid and leaving it alone, no movement. Definite design flaw.)

Poor charging design. The other “con” is that there is no JBL app associated with these earbuds so you can’t customize any of the settings or sound. Speaking of sound, these sound good in the context of them being running earbuds. These are not audiophile grade earbuds by any means.

The earbuds themselves work well for running. I use these on the road, trails, and treadmill. They stay in the ear very well and don’t have any movement. The touch controls also work well for play/pause, skip track, and volume up/down. For workouts and running, these work great.

I’d rate them overall a 6.5/10 due mainly to the charging issue. 8.5/10 based solely on earbud performance when used for workouts and running.

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Sounds like the ones I just bought from skull candy. Like ya said they come with a bit of a charge after that you have to manual hold to charger! I returned and another set is on way so if same way I’ll be requesting refund! There’s always a good reason the 100$ earbuds are 20 and 30$ they just let you find out that reason for yourself!!

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I’m tempted but don’t understand the return policy. Will woot/Amazon provide the refund/swap or would I be SOL after purchase?

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Hi there, below is a link to Woot’s return policy.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


Returning mine… left bud badly distorts on all devices… wifes buds work fine so these are just badly 're’conditioned. Returning… but had to email support… return forms won’t work… assume because of battery.