JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen Headphones

Over @ Walmart for $8 cheaper & free shipping, if you don’t mind blue…here

Walmart is selling a different model. Ours is the Everest Elite 300. They are not selling the Elite model.

Can you plug them in to a headphone jack without using Bluetooth?

Why do I need a 1 year Squaretrade add-on if JBL has a 1 year warranty?

You sure can.

Not bad headphones.

Did somebody wear these before?

Not sure how they merited a 4-star average on Amazon reviews – the review section seems pretty replete with fairly poor reviews.

Different model, man.

Squaretrade covers drops and spills and other accidental damage beyond warranty coverage.

Does anyone know if I can connect these to other JBL headphones wirelessly?

Got these a few weeks back from here. Great sound. Good noise cancellation. Just a little tight.

No one seems like GAga over this deal is really good or just soso

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