JBL Everest Elite 700 NXTGen Bluetooth Headphones

I tried to write a review on Amazon and wasn’t allowed (first time that ever happened). Had problems with the Everest 700 I received. The customer support I got was flakey at best. would never buy again. Shameful, because I own a house full of JBL products. I guess negative reviews don’t sell many products. I hope your luck is better than mine.

What kind of problem?

I got a pair of these last time. $99 so this is a steal. If you want a good pair of large wireless (or wired, it does come with a wire if needed.) headphones, I’d recommend these. I only have issues with BT on my laptop, but my other devices connect beautifully. Sound is very good, but not quite great, as compared to a wired set. Which is pretty normal for Bluetooth. I like wireless, but dislike being forced to it by smartphone makers, shame on them. That plug never caused any problems, ever.

I bought the smaller JBL 300 on Woot for $99. I am very happy with them even though they are on-ear rather than these which are over-ear.

The Elite 700 were offered a few weeks back as sold by Woot but fulfilled by Amazon. The pair I received was just a plain 700 (no Elite). Also had SERIOUS lag issues - more than just standard bluetooth. Customer support was terrible - some reps said there was an update, but tried to email me a .exe as an attachment (that’s not going to work). Some reps said this was normal, and that you shouldn’t use them for anything other than music (e.g. no video). Then one rep kept emailing me a “link”, but it was just a path to a file on his local computer.


Was really excited to see these for 75 dollars. As soon as I started using I realized why they were so cheap. Mine came with a speaker already blown. Crackling was so bad they are unusable. Waiting on customer service to respond to my numerous notes. Thanks woot and JBL for stealing my money.

Just got these yesterday, should have listened to the reviews, headphones won’t take a charge, they work perfectly when plugged in to power. But no matter how long you leave them on the charger, if you unplug them from the USB charging cord, they go completely dead. Tried multiple chargers but it must be the battery. Woot says they will provide 100% refund which is nice but I really wanted these for an upcoming trip.

Disgusting filthy torn and damaged but I must complement JBL on their return policy because these werent just used and refurbished these were abused & trashed. I didn’t even want to touch them! this was my second pair I recently purchased the same head Phones short while ago and love them was excited to get a second pair 40% cheaper - Appreciate woots return policy - returning.