JBL Free X Wireless in-Ear Headphones

JBL Free X Wireless in-Ear Headphones

Dayummm…Thought the earbuds were free. Gots to get more coffee…

Based on the picture and the below spec sheet. The charging cable is micro USB not USB C.

The Charge 4 is USB C.

Automatically switches to mono when making phone calls, for a more natural call experience.

I like how they twisted it to sound like a feature.
This is annoying. To only have audio coming from 1 ear with a call.
It was a limitation of tech, not a feature. If it were a feature, you would let me choose which ear.
One of my friends is mostly deaf in one ear, and ear buds like this make it impossible for her to use for calls.
Having hearing in both ears, it is annoying having one ear plugged (blocking some ambient noise) and having sound pressure coming from only one side.
It’s one thing to hold a phone up to your ear and being able to switch sides, it’s another thing for something already in both ears only output from one.

They also degrade the bluetooth audio profile to near crap when they use single ear call modes… even over ip calls which are higher quality.

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Refurbs… already been in someone else’s ear? Yay!