JBL Live Free NC+ True Wireless ANC Earbuds w/Wireless Charging

JBL Live Free NC+ True Wireless ANC Earbuds w/Wireless Charging

I just got these on the last woot and there’s no noise canceling, in that it sounds exactly the same when it’s on as it does when it’s off


I also purchased these on the previous Woot. The ANC has literally zero effect when turned on. They shouldn’t be advertised as having ANC. They seem decent otherwise.

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The case charges but neither ear bud will charge. Always zero charge on the left and the right. I leave the lid open while charging; I leave it closed while charging. I reset the case. Take them out and put back in, and repeat all the other steps. I’ve used the charger cord it came with and I changed charger cords. Repeat. I’ve spent hours with these things and nothing I do seems to matter. No charge on the buds, ever. Case will randomly connect even though the ear buds will not.

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Is there plastic perhaps covering the charging ends on the earbuds or in the case?

Also, make sure you give them a good overnight charge the first time.

If no luck, reach out to Woot! Customer Service. To speed things up, let them know if you prefer a return/refund or a replacement (if possible).

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.


I received the same. Right out of the box. However, the left side is charging but the right side shows 0%. Not nice.

see my notes above. It often takes a full overnight charge for those to wake up.

I also bought these on the last Woot. I’m fairly pleased with them. Decent sound quality and a great value for wireless earbuds.

They fit pretty well. I typically have problems with the in-ear style of earbuds staying in. These actually stay in reasonably well, and come with a few sets of tips and spacers so it’s pretty easy to customize the fit. They dampen sound a bit just by being in your ears.

As for the ANC, I have found that it does seem work to some extent. Doesnt completely eliminate noise but it does seem to attenuate repetitive background noise. However, you have to download the JBL app (I have an Android, not sure if they’re Apple compatible) and turn on the ANC via the app. So that’s mildly annoying but not a total dealbreaker for me.

One other quirk that is also kinda annoying is that since the buds connect to your phone via the base unit you can’t use the earbuds when the base unit is discharged. Since the base unit charges the earbuds whenever they are inside & the lid is closed, I have ended up with fully charged earbuds that were useless because the base was dead…

Regardless, a solid deal for wireless earbuds that have ANC which may or may not work for you…

Even after the 24 hour charge this continued to not function. However, the people at WOOT are amazing and replaced them with a new pair that worked out of the package. Kewl Beans. - Gizmo

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Purchased a couple months ago and love them except for one annoying fault. Left ear piece will not shut off when inserted into case. Yes, lid is closed and left is still connected to phone, and i can play music into the charging box. My work around has been to turn on aito disconnect in the app.

Both ear pieces charge just fine, and i usually get a full days use of audiobook listening without having to go through auto shutdown.

As for audio quality, I can not tell much of a difference between these and other cheaper bt earpieces.