JBL OnBeat Air Speaker Dock



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JBL OnBeat Air Speaker Dock
$79.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Oh yay! Another speaker dock! 3rd one so far I believe!

Edit - Oops, forgot to add WORST WOOT OFF EVAR!


In case you didn’t get one yesterday…


Looks like it’s gonna eat your phone.




Speakers.woot strikes again!


I think it was two days ago… and a few weeks before that… and a few weeks before that…


can I plug bacon into this ?


All this talk of bacon is messing with my diet. >:(

I’m ordering a turkey club or pig pizza for lunch. THANKS A LOT WOOT!


I got one a while back for $100. its a good price for what you get. I have it on a shelf in my kitchen, where it serves up tunes during dinner time. It also acts as a convenient spot to charge my phone/ipad -even while its not playing music.


I purchased one 2 days ago and am already anticipating that it’s fantastic.


Did I just have an optical illusion of batteries as the next item, or is my browser messing with me?


Don’t worry, there is a vacuum cleaner and some bucky balls coming soon.


No can sell BuckyBalls anymore.


Next Win 3.1 on floppy




I bought one too. The airplay is kind of sketchy. Not sure why but the signal from my iMac to the doc drops randomly forcing me to go through the lengthy set up procedure to reestablish the link. I bought the device specifically to play music in my workshop which is located 10 feet away from my router through an exterior wall. My laptop communicates with the router when I have it in the shop so I am assuming the AirPlay feature is not working as I expected.


Such a sad thing.


Just FYI, this is not the portable, battery containing kind, before people ask. Again.