JBL OnBeat Micro or Mini Speaker Dock w/ Lightning

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Ok reviews (3.2 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


check out this review on engadget and ilounge

Because when your MSRP is $120, why bother modularizing the connector; just chain yourself to lightning connector devices. Everyone has those, right?


20 to 20k frequency response? I think not. My old Infinity Studio Monitors with 12" woofers would be pushed to get down to that low drone. YMMV ;^)

That’s not to say that mini dock wouldn’t satisfy your expectations. Pricing is nice.

I bought two micros one of the last times these were up.

Pros: good sound, charges on the built-in port and the USB port, USB port is seen as a dock connector for anything plugged in there so you can play audio over it instead of it just being a charge port.

Cons: utterly incompatible with every possible phone case as it requires a flush connection; when two devices are connected (one over USB) one of them “wins” for audio and it’s not clear to me yet what the rule is.

Overall, it’s a great bedside gadget and I’d do it again, but it’s not perfect.

Would this play music from my iphone 4s if connected by the usb port?

Yes…over the USB port on back it will act as dock connector and play music + charge

Anyone that would advise against buying this needs to be practical. I bought two last time this was up and have loved them. This costs as much as a charger from the apple store. The sound from this is merely a bonus, I still use my sound system in the living room if I want to listen to music.

Can I charge an ipad air? Is the full size ipad to large to fit?

The OnBeat Mini will fit any iPad with a lightning connector – iPad 4, iPad Air & iPad Mini

This is by far my biggest pet-peeve about docking speakers. Pretty much everyone uses a case, why can’t they design these with a little more “wiggle room” so you don’t have to take off your case???

My Sony Lightning dock/alarm clock works with a few cases as long as the case doesn’t have any support “bars” between the speaker/Lightning port/Mic at the bottom. I’ve bought two cases that work perfectly with it.