JBL Pebbles 2.0 USB Speaker System

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JBL Pebbles 2.0 USB Speaker System
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Amazon Reviews

DigitalTrends.com called this an editors choice and check out the product page

How long are the cords on these? Lots of reviews saying that it’s not enough to get it around a monitor.

From the digital trends review:

Our only complaint here is that the USB cable and the cable linking the left speaker to the right is pretty short – about 2.5 feet

The finishing touch for your Princess Leia costume.

With a frequency response that only goes down to 70Hz, I don’t see how they can brag about the bass. (And you know I’m all about that bass, 'bout that bass.)


I am not an audiophile, but I do wonder about the frequency range/response of both USB speakers and wireless speakers.

BTW I have a small JBL “On Stage II” speaker for old iPods and I use the aux-in with a common cable to get nice sound for the size.

Unlike so many other old sold-off brand names, I still do (kinda) trust JBL.

I am shocked, shocked, at the number of people who expect speakers this size to act like “lease breakers.”

I was waiting for Katy Perry to wear a pair for a mobile concert.

I have these and I like them. They have good sound. I’m not an audiophile but they sound a hell of a lot better than the set they replaced.

Both wires are about 32" long - from USB end to speaker 1 and from speaker 1 to speaker 2.

It’s long enough for me. Sound travels under and around my dual monitors just fine.

The only hitch for me is that the front dial confuses me a bit as to which way to turn it. I do most adjustments from my laptop so not a show stopper.

I do hate that it requires an open USB port to power it. Everyone I know is short on USB ports as it is (laptops even more so). Wish it had an optional plug like a normal speaker system


My pair arrived. They’re for my laptop, which is elsewhere, so I tested them out on my desktop. The USB cord was barely enough to reach to my Dell tower (sitting on the floor) but reach it did, and when I plugged it in I got the usual message about a driver being installed, and that part completed just fine. But I couldn’t get the speakers to produce sounds!

Do I have a setting off somewhere? I don’t know. My Dell Inspiron runs Windows 7 Home Premium off an AMD Athlon II X4 (2.8 gHz) and it outputs sound just fine through the standard audio out jack, so I suppose I could have hooked it up that way. I didn’t try.

I did try on my son’s laptop running Win 8, and the speakers performed just fine. Airy and musical, but a thin to nonexistant bottom end. They really do need a subwoofer. But they’ll be a sure improvement over the built-in speakers in my laptop (if they work on it.)