JBL Pebbles Play Stereo Speaker

Here’s my review of these from the last time they were on Woot a week or so ago.

I have the JBL Pebbles and love them (paid full price for them too). They are not the loudest of speakers and you won’t get that thump that some people look for since they lack a subwoofer, but other than that the sound is awesome. It’s deep and rich. Music sounds great, vocals and instruments are life-like and they are plenty loud for our home office. I’ve never needed to raise the volume past the halfway point in day to day usage.
I’ve listened to tons of music, a few movies and some skype and everything sounded great. I doubt you will find anything that sounds half as good at this price.

I picked these up and so far like them a lot. The sound is very crisp, with GREAT detail. Surprising amount of detail. Absolutely NO Bass whatsoever, but crystal clear detail.
Plus, they look quite handsome next to an iMac.

Only gripe is the connector cable for speaker-to-speaker is way too short, and I had to use an extender.

I had no issue with that cable, but the USB cable was way too short. I am using them with a desktop and had to move my tower a little closer so it could reach. Otherwise, no complaints.

Yeah, reviews say it would have been better if the cables were modular. I’m waiting on mine from Meh.com (where the original Woot guys went).

I got my pair here on woot recently. Clear, airy, open midrange and treble. Seriously short on bass. Cords are short too.

For some reason they wouldn’t play on my Win 7 tower, maybe because I’d changed settings loading Audible for a previous project. (My standard audio jack still works just fine.)

They did behave nicely on two different Win 8 laptops.