JBL Radial High-Performance Loudspeaker Dock for iPod



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JBL Radial High-Performance Loudspeaker Dock for iPod
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 White JBL Radial High-Performance Loudspeaker Dock for iPod JBLRADIALWHT

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JBL Radial High-Performance Loudspeaker Dock for iPod Reviews: http://www.buzzillions.com/dz_822236_jbl_radial_high_performance_loudspeaker_reviews

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"I purchased one of these for each of my grandsons at Christmas.Their parents and I were extremely shocked at the great sound produced by these speakers!I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for superb sound from their ipod.

Expertise: Consumer particular about quality of my electronic products.

Problems Encountered: No problems encountered."


Your ipod is now entering the Stargate



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I bought this last time it was offered for about $125, it was DEFINITELY worth it! I would have paid $200 for this, this thing puts out huge sound. This should sell out within the hour. Buy it!


JBL makes great docks and portable speakers… i have one.


Does anyone know if there is an adapter available to make this work with other players, like a Zune?




Does My ZUNE fit in this thing?


No FM/AM radio? No thanks.

BUT…I’m sure Eric’s cupcake butt will be buying one for his SoCal girl.


Owwwww my eyesss!!! But seriously, my kid has one of these and very impressive sound, good price for this, nice cool woot.


Anybody know if the S-Video output work with the new “iPod Classic” or only with older iPods?


It’s called a 3.5mm audio jack…

This supports it, and even has the cable… good times…


Bought this when it was on Woot in January, for $119. Great sound, impressive bass, nice design.


I have this speaker set, and it sounds really great! The bass is amazing, and it has a good response for the size of the speakers.

It also has a line-level input, so you can play your Zune or whatever else on it. I carry it with my Wii and a projector to parties. :slight_smile:

The remote is a piece of crap. It’s just six buttons on a grid, with no tactile difference between them. Also, switching between the audio-control and iPod-control modes is a pain. I would recommend a cheap programmable remote to replace it.


Does it work with ipod Touch?


are they loud?
or are they just basic desktops?


How does this compare to the ihome. Torrey needs one to wake himself up in the morning


nah… zune and ipod have different size connectors… you would have to find one that fits the zune or find one that plugs into the headphone plug