JBL Synchros Premium Over-Ear BT Headphones

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JBL Synchros Premium Over-Ear BT Headphones
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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First let me say I have these, and I like them. However, I only have them because all the in-ear offerings from JBL broke or had terrible sound quality. They didn’t stand up to the gym environment, (customer service is decent) so they sent me these. The charge lasts a while and the sound quality is good (not great). Not very loud, but good enough to drown out anyone chatting on their mobile next to you on the treadmill. The swivel is nice for storage but build quality is mediocre and eventually broke on one side so I had to glue it into place. Other than the side of the ear, silver pieces are plastic, not metal.

Bottom line… decent deal. Better if they weren’t reconditioned.

I have these, and LOVE THEM. (almost clicked order for a 2nd pair…but more on that later)
I do not like sticking things in my ears, so on ear headphones are the only option for me. The BT range on these are GREAT! I can leave my phone in a central location in my home and get coverage everywhere. The sound is fantastic, right in line with what one would expect from large cans. There is very MINIMAL background BT hiss, battery life is outstanding. I have them on my head for 3-6 hrs a day and they are very comfortable. The fit is not tight so any sudden movements will cause them to slide off. Simply put for $70 buy them now! I got mine at the Big A for 169 about 1.5 yrs ago…at 11 months the right ear speaker stopped working and I had to deal with warranty support…they were GREAT TOO! I submitted my claim a few weeks later I received a refurbished set that works perfectly!

On to the reason I did not grab a “spare” I recently bought the BOSE QC35 and O…M…G these things are magic. it was indicated that BOSE noise canceling is unparalleled in competition and this was not marketing speak…it’s TRUE. However the QC35 were $300 too…so I only use them in the home for now. On the go, out in the yard, or on a hike I whip out the JBL’s. Also the QC35’s have HORRID BT range, for $300 this should not be an issue…but it is; I can only be within 12 FEET of my phone before it cuts out.

My only complaints after using the JBL’s for over a year are:

  1. The controls are flush and provide no tactile feeling for my fingers so to change track, vol up/down you have to know where it is then push, otherwise you are blindly pushing near the place until something happens.
    2…and this is a big one for me. When decreasing the vol to the lowest limit the headphones will BEEP LOUDLY (O…M…G is it loud) to indicate it is at the lowest/highest level. What…the…actual…fuck, This is a VERY LOUD BEEP AND IT HURTS! Probably just a me thing, but I have sensitive ears and listen to things at low volume.

IF you are looking for some over the ear BT headphones with great sound fidelity, little to NO BT background hiss and great battery life then these are the ones to get.

The warranty says one year. Are these reconditioned units covered for one year, or is that a generic JBL warranty on new items? Anyone know? Thanks.

These are really good and really powerful. Just a warning, they will hurt your ears if you leave them on a long time, but I like having a strong pressured seal on my ears when listening to music. Makes for better bass and noise cancellation. Now the BIGGEST issue is this. The plastic piece where the swivel meets the headband WILL break if you constantly spread the headphones apart hard to put them on. Over time that small plastic area will crack, so just be gentle when putting them on and off. GREAT batter time and you can hook them up with a stereo-to-stereo cable to use them as standard headphone and not use bluetooth. I like them and I have bought several as birthday gifts.

These headphones are covered by a one year JBL warranty. Details about that warranty are linked at the bottom of the description.

I have these also, and will affirm what others have said, these are pretty darn good headphones. I use them daily for my 20 minutes (each way) train commute. I can get about 3 weeks from a battery charge (this is going by memory, so it could be off a bit, but its still a long time). The sound is pretty good, no deep bass or super clear highs… but its pretty good. I find them to fit comfortably. Only real gripe I have about them is that the charging port is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack which serves dual purpose as you can plug in male/male 3.5mm cord and use it wired with your phone if the battery is dead. I have a million USB cords, but only one USB -> 3.5mm so if I don’t have the cord handy, I can’t charge them.

Why no shipping to alaska??? This is 2017 for petes sake. We do have the USPS as well as fedex and ups here all offering decent shipping options. Get into the current century already.

Sorry! We hope to one day expand shipping options for Woot fans all over the globe. Sadly, we’re still a few steps away from that goal.