JC Cellars 2005 Caldwell Vineyard Syrah - Two Pack

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First, congratulations to Pengu1n on the birth of his child! Second, don’t hold it against me that I was picked to rat instead of him (although he may be a lucky one as well!).

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I received the wine mid-day at work and was looking forward to getting home to open it. I first headed to my 8 year old son’s baseball game (They won 10-8 in a hard fought victory in the last inning!) and got home around 8pm at which time I removed 4 glasses from the cabinet for both my wife and me. I popped and poured the wine in two of the glasses (after first taking a picture of me with the wine in my newly built wine cellar) and then poured the remaining two glasses through the Vinturi. We immediately noticed the very dark purple color of the wine. Even against a white background with light it was difficult to see anything even when tipped on its side. We both noticed the beautiful aromas that filled the air from pouring the four glasses from 3-4 feet away. The bouquet was certainly inviting. We both swirled our glasses (Non-Vinturi) and immediately picked up a tobacco smell. I also noticed a slight hint of warmth from the alcohol as it measures in at 15%. This was very slight and certainly not a nose burner so no worries about that. Next, we tasted. Again, a nice rich tobacco with leather and slight smoke. Not much fruit at this point. Any tannins were incredibly integrated and the wine had a silky, sexiness in the mouth. Again, I would never guess this wine was 15% alcohol as it was blended so well with all the flavors and is very well made.

Next, we swirled and smelled the Vinturi glasses. This time we picked up dark fruit on the nose but it was not prounounced. I picked up a bit of sweetness(?) as well. I hesitate to give the wrong impression with that last statement as the wine isn’t at all sweet so perhaps its the fruit but I just picked up on it a bit (like maybe a hint of chocolate).

Anyway, I have refilled both our glasses and we’re on to more tasting. I will check back in to see if anyone has any questions or comments.

Net Net: I am glad that I was in for 2 of these (four bottles) but am now contemplating having a friend order another one or two for me (I do have a new cellar to fill! Certainly wine.woot has already been a big contributor to that in the past!)

Scott Albright

P.S. I would post the aforementioned picture but need some instructions

This was posted by the winemaker during the previous woot offering

It’s really hard to compare two wines against each other. The wines change over time, while you are comparing the same vineyard, the wines are in totally different places from each other.

Right now the 2005 has a better sense of terroir, more of the northern Rhone aspects of Syrah. It is more black cherry driven, and has better structure.

The 2007 is a big fruit drive wine with a lot baby fat. It’s big, fruity, and young, round, lush and seductive. It has a lot of hidden tannins at this point, that will come out over time.


In for 1

Durn… One comes up that I want, and it can’t be shipped to my state (SC). The last one could be. Odd.

15% ABV Syrah?

Isn’t it pretty hard to have California Syrah that isn’t relatively high alcohol? Otherwise, the fruit didn’t have enough time to fully ripen and develop flavors, etc.?

This actually sounds like a much more “traditional style” Syrah and I’m tempted, but can’t really justify throwing down almost $30/bottle for more Napa wine.

That scared me as well but all the tasting notes never really mention the alcohol - one does but says it was not noticeable - also much harder to find as much info om th 05 as it is the other vintages - anyone reordering from last time?

So, …
Am I the only one who can’t get the ‘detail’ page for this ‘current’ Wine.Woot item to come up???
I can see the current offering in the preview box on “Woot”, but when I click on it, the old Wine Rack page just keeps coming up

Is this offering at the same price?

Yep, plus $2 for summer shipping.

no brainer for me, in for 1. Would be in for more if it wasn’t for all the other wines I want to try by this winemaker

Interesting stats so far:

Quantity Breakdown
92% bought 1
0% bought 2
8% bought 3

I guess people are sticking just their toe in, or going all in.


Only place I can find this vintage on the winery website is in a 3 Pack Vertical (04 - 06) for $160

Where is that Cesare guy?

JC Cellars 2005 Caldwell Vineyard Syrah - Two Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red

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Hard to say: the winemaker was mostly boostery rathr than informative, but the qwine got 88 from PArker in 05, though in other years had got consitently 91-93 from Wine Advocate. Sadlly the discussion that week wasn’t that useful, and mostly about other wines and wine price-QPR.

Sounds Bomby nonetheless: the winemaker did say the following here in response to me (also requoted):

richardhod wrote:
Good to have another seemingly very consistently-talented winemaker here. Please forgive my ignorance: So, unlike say Cabs or PS, do syrah tannins sometimes appear over time rather than soften or disappear?! Then what is the ageing profile for these wines?

Also, I’d love to know what other kind of Rhone Syrah the 07 might be hinting at. Oh wait, we’re just on for the 05 here. Anyway, All in the interests of education … and whether I really can justify adding to my Wellington, Harvey, K Milbrandt and a couple of other Syrahs. (ha, the 06 havens is quite drinkable, but I gave all the 05 away. NOT happy).

The syrah tannins soften and melt away just to leave beautiful fruit behind.

The 07 Caldwell is more Cornas like. It’s a mix between a Clape Cornas and an E&E black pepper shiraz.

Oh, and re ripeness, this!

ckeilah wrote:
Huh? WHAT vineyard does NOT have Full Sun?? I’ve never seen a vineyard among the uncut redwood forest! Where does woot get it’s writers? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, actually that was a typo, Caldwell Vineyard sits 500 feet above sea level in Napa off Combsville Rd with views of Napa Valley, the Mayacamas and Vaca mountain ranges. The fruit takes a while to ripen coming in as late as the end of October. John Caldwell himself usually harvests his fruit for his own label after us “when the grapes are shriveled like grandma’s boobs” to quote him saying one time.

faux rat passthewine:

I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer, so, since we were having leg of lamb tonight, I popped a bottle (note: I’m not a Lab Rat; I just have a few of these in the cellar). Last I tasted this one was on release, ~ 2 years ago.

The roasted herbs and tobacco notes were still present, but, after a little time in the bottle, the cafe mocha characteristic of other Caldwells had surfaced. Definitely more fruit in the nose as well, ripe cherries.

This had evolved into a fruit-forward wine, blueberry and cherry mixing with maybe a hint of menthol. Even so, the wine went very well with the food. My only real complaint was that the finish was a bit short.

Bottom line - in for 2.