Jean Edwards Cellars 2007 Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah - 2 Pack

Jean Edwards Cellars 2007 Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 Jean Edwards Cellars 2007 Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah
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I’m sure folks are doing a double take at a $30 Syrah. Syrah from cooler climates is worth it if well made, though. Lots of meaty funk, herbs, and dark fruit.

I do pause at this being a Cab producer, just for my own taste. Usually I dig on the cool climate-Pinot maker combo as there’s usually a more finessed touch. Cab makers usually go for more burly, riper, and oaked Syrah. Like a Cab, naturally!

A general Jean Edwards search on the CT results in some really positive feedback… some wines rated high 80’s but mostly 90’s, with actual notes and good in-stock amounts and $ value

Where’s the Monkey, is his Tuxedo still at the dry cleaners?

Sells for $45 on the winery website,
so a solid 30% off retail on a small batch wine seems like a good deal to me.

What would you pair a cool climate syrah with? food wise.

If the whole production was only 75 cases odds are that only a fraction of that made it to w.w. so this is going to be a sellout I’m guessing, and probably a quick one at that since it’s a pretty good discount.

I got mine!

Here’s a review on this botique wine, also compared to other Edwards Syrahs:

Seriously wd? another MD deal after that awesome TO deal? please don’t tell me you are going to keep this up all week…

Good Morning to everyone from Jean Edwards Cellars…

Karen here - John and I are the owner/vintners of Jean Edwards Cellars. We’re a small producer (just a shade under 400 cases)split across three wines (2 cabernets and 1 syrah). We only make wines we love to drink - and as you can see we enjoy red wines - hope you do too!

Throughout the day John and I will try to answer your questions. We are so happy to be a part of woot with our first offer - thanks for the opportunity to present our wines to you!

For those who are not familiar with Alder Springs Vineyard… it’s located in Mendocino County (which is a cooler climate region for wine growing - say vs. Napa, Sonoma or Santa Barbara). While the vineyard is planted to several varietals - it is most famous for the syrah wines produced from it. There are several well-known producers sourcing syrah from this vineyad (if you check CT and search on Alder Springs Syrah you’ll see some very recognizable names) so we feel very fortunate to be in such great company and to have sourced a mere ton+ of fruit.

We crush/press/age all our lots separately. The 07 syrah was aged 19 months in 100% French Oak (50% new/50% 1-year old barrels). We determine our finished blend (for this wine it’s 100% syrah - 97% from Alder Springs Vineyard and 3% from White Hawk Vineyard) and we let the wine meld together another couple of months in barrel before we bottle.

This is a very balanced wine with good acidity and it’s food-friendly (think lamb/beef/hard cheese and most grilled meals). Longevity? Easily 10+ years - but drinking nicely now with a medium decant of 60+ minutes.

We’ll be here throughout the day to answer your questions. It’s a very nice wine - we hope you enjoy it for many years to come!

Cheers - Karen

This wine has very good acidity which will match with most foods but probably matches best with lamb/beef dishes. It’s on a few restaurant winelists (steakhouses) if that helps.

Wish we could offer the wine cheaper (heck wish I could pay less for the fruit and we’d all be happy LOL) - but this is pretty expensive fruit from one of the best syrah vineyards in NorCal. We throttle back the oak on this wine (aged 19 months vs. 24 months for our cabs) and we use 50% new/50% 1-year old barrels. We also don’t over-extract so you’re not getting a fruit bomb with this wine.

Welcome Karen. Wow, tons of information in the VM and on your website under the wine.woot logo. With all you’ve provided, I can’t think of any questions at this time, but I’ve gone ahead and linked the information here for anyone who is interested.

EDIT: Actually, I’ll steal one of Richard’s usual questions - what are your favorite producers/wines and do you think this Syrah is similar in style to any others that we may have tried?

EDIT2: And who is Jean Edwards? :slight_smile:

He’s back… The Monkey Must have been running late picking up his Tux.

Hmmm - let me think about who we drink when we don’t drink our own wine (btw always a good question to ask). If we are drinking cab - we drink alot of Match and Karl Lawrence (among the many). If we are drinking syrah - we’re all over the place with this one depending upon what we are eating - not big on most of the Aussie’s (find most are out of balance) - so domestically I’d say we like some from White Hawk Vineyard (like Ojai), and we like Relic from Alder Springs alot (and I think our wine is somewhat similar in style). A small producer called Tercero is making some nice wines out of the Santa Barbara area. We drink alot of petite sirah - like Quixote, Stags Leap Winery and Vincent Arroyo (maybe make one of these one day if we can get some really good fruit).

Second question - who is Jean Edwards? Well it’s our two middle names - Karen “Jean” and John “Edward” (no - not the politician LOL).

You know how to say all the right things.:wink:

Drank alot of wines out of White Hawk and Alder Springs before we made ours so we could do some “research” on style.

Guessing you drink some of the same wines we like out of the others? What are your favorites?

I see that you get your grapes 97% from Alder Springs and 3% from White Hawk. How do you suppose the product would have been different if you had just gone with 100% Alder Springs? In other words, from your perspective, what exactly is added with the White Hawk.

Also, are the two bottles pictured different from one another? It appears so, at least to me.

Thanks for asking. We blend in a small amount of White Hawk to add a bit more spice and white pepper notes especially since this is a 100% syrah wine. Many people add just a small amount of viognier to their syrah blends but we’re not into the floral notes. Just a small amount adds a great deal to the wine.