Jean Edwards Cellars 2007 Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah - 2 Pack

Was wondering when someone would notice (our mistake on the photo). The offer is for one wine - a 2-pack of 2007 Alder Springs Syrah. The photo is a picture of our 05 and 07 syrah offerings. So sorry )-:

Not ready to buy just yet but SOOOOO excited to FINALLY see Maryland on the list!

Your list makes up a lot of my (and a lot of other members’) top list. Lots of PS fans in these parts. Quixote and Arroyo are stellar. We know of Tercero well; he makes appearances occasionally. If I weren’t on an absolute SIWBM, I’d grab this set. Please come back when I haz monies! :slight_smile:

See - we have similar tastes (-: Too bad the cash is low - this is a nice wine.

Indeed. Now, I just need something less than $15 a bottle.

The ABV looks to be 14.2% according to the label on the winery site.

Karen - do you prefer a cooler climate for your syrah grapes? If so, why is that?

[QUOTE=jeanedwardscellars, post:15, topic:319302]
not big on most of the Aussie’s (find most are out of balance) - so domestically I’d say we like some from White Hawk Vineyard (like Ojai), and we like Relic from Alder Springs alot (and I think our wine is somewhat similar in style). A small producer called Tercero is making some nice wines out of the Santa Barbara area.

How would you rate your style and this wine in particular compared to northern Rhones? The dislike of Aussie shiraz and preference for cool climate fruit gets me wondering.

Overall I would say we do (although we sourced Carneros fruit in 05 and 06 and made some pretty good wines in a restrained style). All our wines are traditional in style and the cooler climate syrah fruit (particularly from Alder Springs) gives us the power, weight and density without some of the characteristics we try to avoid (like jammy and over-ripe).


Northern Rhones are typically not over-extracted, have very good acidity and work well with food. That’s a style we like.

Just picked up 2 bottles. I’m a Syrah fan, so very eager to taste this one.

Do you guys have a tour available at your winery? Formal or otherwise?

Thanks for the interest in our wines and thanks for purchasing. If we are working at the winery we’d love to show you around - we use a custom crush facility so depends on what other wineries are doing. We’ll be part of a new tasting room which should be open the end of summer. Email us at

Cheers. Karen

“dark/blue fruits, vanilla and caramel with just a slight hint of eucalyptus. Polished, rich and persistent with depth of flavor (baked blueberry pie, black raspberries, vanilla, spice and white pepper forming the core”

Couldn’t resist. I love Syrah, and you had me at dark/blue fruits.

In for 2.

Good mornng - thank you to everyone who purchased yesterday and to the woot community for making our first offer a success.

If you have any additional questions please shoot us an email.


Karen and John
Owners - Jean Edwards Cellars