Jeff Foxworthy Redneck Wine Glass 2-pk

Can ANYONE see just how RACIST these are?

Or, does racism not count if the ox that is gored is WHITE??

Replace Jeff Foxworthy with a BLACK comedian, and see what happens! You’d be KILLED for overt racism! :smiley:

Yes, my tongue is FIRMLY lodged in my cheek. (Speaking of Lodge, how 'bout some more?))


If I remember correctly, these are not a solid piece of glass & the stem has a tendency to break off / become unglued.

After a bland day seeing this made me laugh :slight_smile: Seems like a nice conversation piece.

Anyone of any color can be a redneck. It’s a religion you see. Much like the Jedi and the Pirate party.

When the stem unhooks from the jar, how do you glue it back on?

Yep, they’re just standard mason jars with a stem glued to the bottom. Hence the “hand wash only” warning. For what it’s worth, you can get a dozen of the jars for $11.18 at Amazon, sans the high-falutin’ stems.

You have to know how to weld

That sort of verifies what I thought when looking at the picture. These look like Mason jars with a candle holder on the bottom. I knew it wasn’t a single piece of glass. Either way, I’ll pass. (My Mason jars fit my hand. No stem required.)

Woot is charging sales tax on the shipping!!! Count me out.

Loctite 233841 Super Glass Glue

If you own these… A tube of Poligrip should do the trick :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be curious to know if Jeff Foxworthy knows that he’s endorsing these. Or, if Ball glass feels knowing that someone is essentially repackaging their famous jars, logo and all.

What’s more? the “stems” on these are honest to goodness the candle sticks from your local Dollar Tree. Get yourself some 5-6000 glue from your local craft supplier, Dollar Tree candle sticks, and a case of Ball Jars and you’re in business. That’s obviously what this Kountry Krystal company did. What a joke.

You can even add red solo cup wine glasses to your collection with the same method. Go overboard and glue some old cans on top.

Sales tax is always charged on shipping.

What state?

Effective September 1, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Effective September 15, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in California.

I’m pretty sure these are honey boo boo child’s Kool aid glasses.

In honey boo boo childs own words, “You better redneckognize”

I find these fairly amusing actually.
However, I could think of absolutely no situation that I would ever fathom even thinking of using them.

YaWn! I got out of bed to check Woot. I bought 3 of these for my longtime wife. I know she loves Mason Jars when we have company for beer so she’ll love these too. I don’t want them to sell out.

I’ll have the wife look at the TV for the MBR in the morn with me. Any information on it? 32" Toshiba LED is too small in a 28 footlong by 20 foot wide bedroom. Rediculous because I can’t see it and I’m closer to the TV then she is.

Back to the princess and the pea bed. Showing my age with bedtime stories my elderly Mother use to tell me n my sister. Goodnite fellow wooters. Spend some money for me. Haaaaaa,…

wow. coincidence? i just saw these Last Night at my local Dollar Tree… $4 gets you 2 canning jars and 2 candlesticks… just add epoxy and you’re done!

Deal? not so much.