Jeffan in Color

Who’s in for a little (re)decorating?

Loving a few of the pieces, but you hit me on a bad week :frowning: Next week I could have afforded all this!

I like these too, but I recently got a few nice pieces of furniture from a thrift shop and painted them myself. Maybe they don’t look quite as nice as these but I saved a ton of money doing it myself.

Are the drawers on rails?

Does anyone have this brand and can speak to overall quality? My google-fu has failed me.

i will bug our brainy buyer ppl and see if i can get you some answers.

If you had the Nantucket Chest in black or brown I would be all over this. Been looking for an entryway piece and this would have worked perfectly.

Could you please find out if the drawers are dovetail construction. Thanks :slight_smile:


the drawers are not on rails.

efforting. stay tuned.


the answer (again, i fear) is “no.” the drawers are stapled, i am told.


“Handcrafted out of solid mahogany???” and they painted over it?

I think you might have to double check the material of construction.

Mahogany is what? $6 a board foot…
A dresser has idk 70 board foot in it.

Than’t like $420 in wood alone.

I don’t know I could be wrong about the board foot quantity but still.

I too have a hard time believing it’s solid mahogany and then stapled drawers. That makes no sense to me. It is cheaper (and more desirable) to dovetail cheaper wood than use high end wood & bad construction.

70 board feet of mahogany would also weigh well over 200lbs, not 55lbs. But 70 is a bit high given the overall dimensions.

Assuming 1/2" wood, and assuming the drawers are crap wood behind the face, I’d say there’s about 13-14 board feet of actual solid mahogany given the dimensions and weight. They’re painting it, so I’m pretty sure it’s not $6 a foot quality. Maybe $50 in wood costs.

I like wood.

While your out asking questions, is the back finished and painted or is it just an unfinished mahogany panel?

Here’s the word from the vendor on th mahogany and construction.

*In the furniture industry, when people refer to solid mahogany – they are looking at the furniture frame, drawer fronts, etc.  It is kind of accepted in the industry to describe it this way.  
For the frame and drawer fronts, they are made of solid mahogany.  The inside of the drawers are made of plywood/wood panels – for function.  We don’t use glides.  The construction is chosen that is suitable for the specific piece to function well.  For the drawers, it is not a dovetail construction.  We use combination of staples and glue.

Additional info: The back is constructed using wood panel and finished with the same paint color as the rest of the furniture. *

I would never buy a dresser/chest of drawers without getting a full understanding of the actual depth of the drawers themselves…because, pretty or not, that’s really what counts.