Jelly Jar 2010 Rosé - 4 Pack

Jelly Jar 2010 Rosé - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2010 Jelly Jar Rosé
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but what happened to the caramels? :frowning:

Here’s my expert opinion on this selection:


I don’t have the heart to comment on the name of this offering. Perhaps it’s an ‘in your face’ sort of thing. Dare I ask, sweetness factor?

They’re just to darn tasty. Sorry…

Noooooooo!!! At least I don’t have to worry about missing anything on the commute home…in three hours.

Jelly Jar???
If it describes the wine, ewwww…
If it doesn’t, how unfortunate.

Jam jar = Yummzmmmzzzzz

this is seriously good wine folks. This bottle was among my TOP Thanksgiving Day wines, we drank 2 bottles before dinner. Beautiful DRY rose…

small producer, very enjoyable Rose’.

Texacaliali can’t stop talking about it.

As per the winery description, the Jelly Jar name is a tribute to the early Italian winemakers in the SF area whose hand-crafted wines were usually served in jelly jars.

As for the sweetness of the wine, “A dry style Rosé made in the Saignée method from organically grown old vine Zinfandel. Elegant and balanced with hints of strawberry, peach and watermelon.”.



That yellow bar is moving quickly!!! Yea!

Hmmm - $16 or a 30% discount from the winery website price - and it’s sold out on the website.

Jelly Jar wine huh? This should pair well with a peanut butter sandwich

We are the winery and here for any questions about the wine.
Andy and Shannon

Welcome Andy and Shannon! Any favorite food pairings for this wine?

Why are you being such a dick today?

How dry is dry?