Jemrose Vineyards Estate 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache - 2 Pack



Jemrose Vineyards Estate 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache
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Now this sounds good!


nice article on Jemrose.


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Seems like the only thing missing here is the black-tie!

CT suggests hold a few years. Is Michael with us and could comment how this will age? Trying to decide to go with one or two.


Dangit… I just ordered one of these, but for some reason my pre-set Wine.Woot shipping info was set to CA instead of NC. Just wrote to the Wine.Woot gods make sure that gets changed. This looks like a luscious wine that will be most pleasing!


Is this a


This is one rocking Grenache, folks! Jim and Gloria Mack, who own the vineyard, are meticulous caretakers who look towards old-world wine regions for inspiration. And what more needs to be said of Michael Browne - well known for his work at Kosta Browne, he is a consummate professional who knows how to coax the best out of the fruit he works with.

Though I’m not Michael of Jim, my guess is that these wines, though enjoyable know with a good decant, will best be consumed with a few more years of bottle age on them . . .



Hi its Jim Mack of Jemrose. Michael is in the middle of harvest and will not be online. Glad to be part of this special Grenache Day and the Rhone Rangers. This wine can be drunk now with some airing but can easily hold for 2-3 years and more. It has great structure underneath the silkiness of the palate.


You’re just now realizing this? It’s only been on the twitter ticker over there on the right all day. And the voicemail has been all about how this is Grenache day… :wink:


Thanks for joining us Jim! What can you tell us about the Foggy Knoll vineyard as a growing site? Is it only planted with Grenache?


Thanks for joining in today Jim. I pulled a cork last night, what a pleasure! Loved the layers of dark fruit, herbs, minerality with a hint of spice. A very complex Grenache. Definitely looking forward to tasting this later tonight with some grilled lamb chops for sure ( and buying a few pks for the cellar!).

How is harvest looking for Jemrose this year?


sounds great but too pricey for me. lookslike the offers are increasing in price as the woot off goes on. waiting for a “great catch” under $15…


In for one. The mention on herbs de Provence and minerality got me.


My bad, been busy traveling and was so excited to see a didn’t read the details!


Jemrose is a “Black Tie Buy” for sure.


The Foggy Knoll Vineyard is a hillside block on the Jemrose Estate that is at about 900’ elevation with a Southern sun exposure. Bennett Valley is a very cool climate so ripening Grenache is always a challenge but we crop to one cluster per shoot well before veraison and have the benefit of the slope facing south. We picked our Grenache the last week of October in this vintage.


We had a very slow start with a cool damp spring but things are catching up quickly with some great weather this month. I am very optimistic about the current flavor development so if we can hold off on rain in October we should be good.

Glad you enjoyed the wine!


Have to check out for a bit but will try to catch up in about an hour. Thanks for the nice comments.