Jemrose Vineyards Estate 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache - 2 Pack

Jemrose Vineyards Estate 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache
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I am very confused as to what constitutes a “Black Tie Buy”. Can someone help a Boognish out?

The Woot Gods (or at least WineDavid) must have been smiling upon me when I was picked to lab rat for both the Piro Piro Piccolo Pinot Grigio offering this past Sunday (fantastic wine, screaming deal) and the Jemrose 2008 Foggy Knoll Vineyard Grenache. After such a great experience with the Piro Piro this weekend, I knew that the second wine didn’t stand a chance. Boy was I wrong.

First impressions:
Label represents sophistication, a touch of class, and a pinch of restraint (as evidenced by the back label—“Foggy Knoll Vineyard: Early morning fog cloaked hilltop bathed in late afternoon sunshine and warmth. Total cases produced: 275” placed atop a faded cream shadow of Jemrose Vineyard). Hopefully the wine will evince this same restraint…

Pop and pour:
Nose—No single predominant aroma right from the bottle. There is a bit of berry and a hint of alcohol heat peaking through, but nothing too distinct. After running through the Vinturi, blackberries and strawberries show up to the party with a noticeable (but pleasant) hint of pepper (and alcohol heat). Color—The wine is a deep cranberry red fading only at the edges to a light watermelon. The juice produces distinct and sluggish legs.

Right from the bottle the wine was very restrained. Mouth feel was silky smooth (and even pillowy—is that even a word?) but the flavors had little staying power. Hints of raspberry and strawberry were present, but faded quickly and left the slightest hint of oaky spice (with very subtle tannins) before disappearing completely. There was very little alcohol heat on the back of the throat, and that too disappeared quickly.

After running the wine through the Vinturi, the wine began its metamorphosis. The supple texture of the wine lingered a little longer coating the tongue in a silky blanket before giving way to the soft drying action of the subtle tannins. As the wine sat, this action became more pronounced (as did the alcohol heat before it disappeared after about an hour). For a little while, the slight oakiness hinted at a buttery richness that was very pleasant (but lasted only briefly) before the tannins took (a very balanced and enjoyable) control again.

With the evolution of mouth feel also came an evolution of flavor. At various points, blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry all shared the driver seat (with strawberry getting a little more time behind the wheel). Black currants stopped by for a brief visit (and mentioned their neighbor black cherry), but eventually gave control back to the mixed berries. Pepper lingered in the background throughout and kept close company with a very subtle (but ever present) tea leaf flavor (too subtle to be a tobacco leaf). Even as I write this lab rat report, new flavors are peeking through as others shift to the background. I can’t wait to see what this wine has to offer tomorrow!

Final verdict:
If you enjoy bold, in-your face flavors and jamminess in your wines, then this may not be the wine for you. If, however, you enjoy a more subtle wine that exhibits restraint and class, then this luscious offering is right up your alley. For the mouth feel experience alone, this wine is worth the price. When you consider the soft layers upon soft layers of harmoniously developing flavors, and the appeal of an expertly produced small quantity wine, this offer is a Jem(rose)…(sorry, I had to).

This should be a black tie. No confusion!

Well this is cheaper than the last woot at $60 for the same vintage, but it’s still only 25% off (not counting shipping) based on the winery price of $38/btl.

Not the best deal but CT reviews are pretty great. Lab rat report was pretty impressive too!

2008 Jemrose Foggy Knoll Vineyard Grenache

We tasted the Jemrose Grenache pop and pour, through the Vinturi and decanted over a period of 3-4 hours.

Pop & Pour
Immediately after pouring into the glasses, subdued nose fairly tight on the finish. Lots of bright red fruit including strawberry and raspberry. After just a few minutes in the glass the wine started to open up quickly giving way to even more red fruit flavor on the finish. Within 10 minutes the wine was drinking very well.

After running the wine through the Vinturi it opened up even more. The wine became more balanced with a longer finish. More bright red fruit on the mid palate and the finish. Didn’t get much dark fruit and definitely no earthy flavors at all (which is what I would expect on a Grenache).

After about two hours in the decanter the wine was still fairly similar to the Vinturi results but with more of the fruit moving to the finish and a little less mid palate. The wine has an even longer finish after breathing for a while, around 20 seconds. Very balanced wine, great flavors throughout.

A very well made wine, full bodied but still light and fresh flavors. If you love red fruit flavors you will love this wine. This wine is ready to drink now, even better if you decant it for a little bit before consuming (as most wines are).

big following for winemaker Michael Browne - best known for his Pinot Noirs, but very glad to learn about his rhone-style wine production. Interesting Vintner’s Voicemail on this offering, I do enjoy cool climate reds and the Jemrose Grenache made an elegant and solid impression on me.

I’m not sure of the magic that designates a Black Tie Buy either but I did check and this one was not designated as such. So it is correct as is.

That didn’t help much, did it?

Jim Mack from Jemrose did a little wine education for my company last February in Napa. He brought this Grenache and a Viognier with him and both were “super tasty” (even at 10am). This is a solid deal for some nicely made juice. I’m in for one because my liver says so.

Labrat Checking In:

2007 Jemrose Grenache Foggy Knoll Vineyard

Funny how excited people get when they find out they have won the golden ticket. There really was a golden ticket for Charlie (me) in the box. Prizes always make life fun!! I got two prizes in the same box. This is the second lab report (life is good).

Note: I am a normally a California Cabernet Sauvignon drinker and have little to no experience with a Grenache.

Here is the rattage; I hope this is helpful in your decision process:

Answered the door; thanked Federal Express, got the wine, pulled the cork, first smell, VERY NICE!!! Great aromatics (this is going to be fun).
Great depth on the nose, exotic and expressive - roses with really nice tones of red fruits (red cherries, red berries, strawberries and some bits of red fruits and red floral) possesses really good and pure tones.

Poured into the glass through the vinturi
Pretty ruby color, a little thinner than a cab.

First taste - light, tight, structured, the palate is medium bodied notes of cherries, spice box, roasted herbs, pepper, and very, very slightly sweet, nice acidity.
Not as deep or complex on the palate as it is on the nose.

Next without the vinturi
Similar but smoother - this was unusual. Nine out of ten wines I prefer through a vinturi. This one I prefer without the vinturi.
Good length on the finish.

One hour later
• The very nice smell has diminished some
• Smoother - the wine is now richer (not as thin), let me say that again smoother
• Slight touch of sweetness is gone
• Cherries for sure
• Nice, clean, only modestly oaked, well structured, balance

Two hours after opening
• This is getting better and better. I want to finish the bottle but I would not being doing my rat job if I did.

Next Day (put under vacuum and in the refrigerator)
• To my surprise did not change much, very good same notes as above.

• This wine should be very good for about four or five years
• This should be a Black Tie Buy
• For you people that love point values I’d give it a ninety one (this is good stuff)
• If you’re a Grenache drinker, buy three
• $38 a bottle from the vineyard, and similar pricing from wine stores (plus shipping

•This is a good deal if you are into good wine (those of you that drink the more expensive stuff often)
•Was offered before in a WOOTOFF in September
•Grapes were picked in October 2008, hand harvested and de-stemmed at the winery. Fermented with native yeasts and aged 19 months in French oak barrels using only 10% new oak barrels. A small percentage of Syrah (5%) was added to add complexity to the wine.
•Sonoma, Alcohol: 14.1%, Total Acidity: 6.4 g/l, Final pH: 3.31, Cases: 275

Always ready to be a rat!!!

Dis place is getting a little too hoity toity for me…you must think I have bank like Tom Hanks…well mr WD, I do not…just go look at my buying profile and you can see for yourself…sales are down and if this ship doesn’t change course I guess it’s back to the local grocery for that two buck chuck. just sayin…

Another (brief) labrat report.

Still with no heat, light or water here in the frozen north. This is an iPhone entry. Patience is wearing thin…

Regardless, the wine.

Although I am a red wine drinker, I must admit Grenache is not one of my favorite varietals. I have enjoyed several Chateauneuf de Papes but have found most new world offerings, especially those from Australia to be overly alcoholic, oak monstrosities.

After opening the box with the golden ticket I was a little concerned.

I was pleasantly surprised with the wine.

Lighter in the glass, somewhere between a Pinot and a merlot. It has a pretty, fruity nose, almost floral. Taste is lighter but certainly fruit forward. Definitely California, not the southern Rhone.

It has a full but clean mouthfeel. Finish was shorter than I’d like.

It is a superb food wine and went well with Lemony chicken piccata as well as pasta in a light cream sauce.

Overall a very good wine. I think it would be a perfect choice for w Thanksgiving dinner. It can be sipped a serves to augment the dining experience without overwhelming the meal.

My wife described it as simply “delightful”. I would agree.

Hi, This is Jim Mack from Jemrose. Thought I would do a quick check in before I head out to harvest our Grenache this morning. Yes I did say harvest in Novemebr. This has been a very long challenging growing season for most of California marked by a cool wet spring, lower than average temperatures and rain in early October.

We waited out the rains for all our reds and it seems to have paid off as our fruit is free of mold or rot with full maturity and great flavors. Sugar levels are lower which I prefer as we can make a lower alcohol wine and still achieve great depth of flavor.

A word about the 2008 Grenache before I have to head out to the vineyard. I think our winemaker, Michael Browne, did a great job with our 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache. It definitely captures the bright fruits and spiciness on the nose yet provides a velvety texture on the palate. This is not a big jammy style Grenache you might find from a warmer climate but a wine of elegance yet with rich deep flavors. Grenache is often referred to as the Pinot Noir of the Rhone and I think this wine makes a case for that description.

I will try to check in between harvest and crush to answer ant questions.

Good morning Jim! We’re glad you can join us today even while you are busy!

Let’s make with the good questions, folks! :slight_smile:

I have a short break in the action so if there are any questions fire away.

I’ll raise my hand! How did Jemrose Rhone styles come about with Michael at the helm? Also, where in relation to Dry Stack vineyard are you picking your grenache? Broc Cellars introduced me to Dry Stack fruit.

I know that grenache Is typically a drink now wine but the addition of the syrah adds a bit of a backbone to it, that being said what do you think the drinking window on this would be?

I met Michael when he was working as an assistant winemaker at Deerfield Ranch Winery when he was just starting up his Kosta Browne label. When we decided to make our own wine from Jemrose, Michael agreed to make our wine as it did not conflict with his Pinot wine making and he liked the fruit from our vineyard.

Dry Stack vineyards which produce Grey Stack wines is about two miles away located on the west side of the valley next to the Judge vineyards. Both are great vineyards that produce excellent wines.

I think the Grenache is drinking very nicely right now. Giving it some air helps open up the aromatics. This wine is very versatile with a wide variety of foods as we have served it at many wine maker dinners throughout the country. Best match ever was braised rabbit. MMMMM