Jensen 300 Watt 2 Outlet Power Inverter


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i have an inverter already that is one outlet, and man i wish i had one that had a splitter


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Jensen 300 Watt 2 Outlet Power Inverter
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product(s): 1 Jensen JP30 300 Watt 2 Outlet Power Inverter


these are pretty nice to have, I use one in my car all the time.


Exactly wat Ive been lookin for and cheaper than wat i was gonna pay for it


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how big is this thing?


Heh, so would I be able to use this with the gamebridge I bought too for portable non-handheld gaming?


I needed one of these 3 months ago when I spilled a gallon of water in the back of my car.


Who exactly is needing to use a 25" TV in their car? Even in a van, that’s pretty big…


Inverters are pretty handy, though I don’t use mine too often. I had a cheap Vector one that I used to power my laptop. It caused the power supply to go bad. That inverter also killed a set of computer speakers I used with it. Then I switched to a much higher quality Xantrex unit and have had no problems. Can’t say anything about Jensen but I’m sure there are other reviews around. Happy w00ting!


would this have enough power to run a laptop and/or a blender? would my car even be able to move while i was laptopping/blending?


wow this is neat… I wonder If I could find a portab;e cigerette lighter that could be plugged into this baby… when its plugged into the car.


I have a 75 watt power inverter and it’s perfect for charging up the laptop.

My car’s manual says not to draw more than 100 watts from the battery. Would it be a mistake to use this 300 watt inverter?


LMAO@the Podcast… and cry at the same time : * (


Toaster, I don’t think it could power a toaster.


Nice to have 2 outlets, but I have a nicer competing product from Radio Shack that has an AC outlet plus a USB outlet for charging I-pod etc.


Maybe it’s late or maybe I’m not too smart…but I cannot think of what I would use this for?? All you ppl that “use it all the time…” – what for??


User replaceable 35 amp fuse

Hm, most cars have 15 or 20-amp fuses for the cig lighter.

You’ll probably never run into a problem with this, but if you’re worried about it, just snip part of a coathanger (yes the METAL ones, duh) and use that instead of a fuse. May take some “Ninja Engineering” or Ninjaneering, as I call it. If you smell smoke, just turn the radio volume up, like when you do to fix that awful strut-knocking from the rear of the car.

Anyone remember when Archie Bunker put a penny in the fusebox of his house?