Jensen Digital Photo Frame Alarm Clock Radio

What I have always wanted!

Nope. Sorry.

Shoot, I gotta go to bed. I got a bag from that flash game thing so I guess I should just be happy. Goodnight all!

Don’t think people are going to bite for this one. I can’t imagine how cheap that LCD screen is for ten bucks.

Does a magnifying glass come with that, so you can actually see your pictures?


I was going to get up and buy this, but the am/pm thing got me…

Nowadays you’d have to pay me to get an alarm clock. My one is not as nice, but I definitely don’t need another one.

for those on the fence I’ve had jensen brand ipod speakers since november of 2008 and not only does it have amazing sound, the thing got RAINED ON and after a few days of drying… IT. STILL. WORKS.

wake to ring tones?

zzzzzz…wah wait, hello? who’s there? Is anyone on the other end of this alarm clock?

in for 3, amazon listed for $35, may take a bit to sell, but the resell value is there.

meh worthy. Do not want.

what a strange device

“When I opened the package the item felt as though it should cost a third of what it did.”

Your wish, sir, has come true.

1.8 inch screen? I guess that’s what you get for $10.

Going to sleep, at least I got the Razer Mamba out of this woot-off. Hoping I can get my hands on some Sansas to keep in my backpack as backup and to give as a present.

Yes!! I want to wake up to ringtones, FTW

can’t find the measurements.

In for one. You’re welcome, folks. :stuck_out_tongue: