Jensen Headshox Metal Earbuds Woot Info Post
tastes great, less F5-ing -

Jensen Headshox Metal Earbuds [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Jensen JHB564 Headshox Metal Earbuds

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How are these? I’ve taken a liking to the pink ones…

How do I check my coupon codes b4 I purchase wife may have used them how do I know?

They’re pink.

enter it in at the checkout. If it works, it works

/side eye

Man i hope this isnt a repeat of the webcam as far as how many there are

Its a going out of Woot sale. EVERYTHNG must go. Amazon must be gettin rid of all their excess crap, without using the bag.

One set of the red pair goes for $14.95 + shipping.

I hope these last 2 hrs that way I can leave work, get home and stop pretending to work…

I love this WOOT-OOF-THON !

I’m in for a pair of red ones (with free shipping!). Now bring on the Bag of Crap!!!

Does anyone have these? I chew through headphones, so in for 12 of the red (yes, you’re welcome), but I really hope they’ve got some response. (unlike those .35 cent meritline ones)

having problems checking out

Anyone know if these are any good? Or are we just getting what we pay for?

Cant check out wont except the postal code…

Jensen Headshox Metal Headphones List of Features and Specifications:

    * Compatible with all MP3 players including iPod, iPhone, and Sansa players (or anything with 3mm audio port)
    * 9mm drivers deliver superior sound performance
    * Unique contoured metal case design
    * Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000 Hz
    * Impedance: 16ohm
    * Sensitivity: 93dB
    * Cord Length: 1.2 M
    * Driver units: 9mm
    * Plug: 3.5mm

Says iphone compatible. Wonder, will is there the clicker/mic inline? If I can’t change songs, I don’t need them.

I had to enter my information twice for some reason, but I’m in for one! I would’ve bought more but I’m hoping that jolly roger welcome mat will pop up again.