Jensen Headshox Metal Earbuds

uhh, pink?

At least these arent refurbished :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jensen Headshox Metal Earbuds
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Jensen JHB565 Headshox Metal Earbuds - Pink

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Is Woot trying to sneak a crap in on us by posting all this low inventory junk?

Seriously, PINK?

pass. bought these at the last woot-off and i find my Samsungs that are a few years old have better sound quality.

These are terrible. I only bought because all of mine keep getting messed up and thought it was a cheap alternative. Sound is horrible and makes everything sound robotic.

I think we need a mercy buy on this one. SOMEONE BUY ALL OF THESE PLEASE

Pink was popular…sold out

want to click the button but not for pink.

In for two, maybe they will actually sound okay.

My Senheisers are getting a little dull.

After buying three of the triple packs Woot has been selling lately, I think I’m all set on my quota of cheap headphones and earbuds for now.

just in case the set of 6 headphones from last night wasn’t enough for you. Lucky number seven!

Woot actually sent me a pair that were used in a BOC

It was pretty nasty.

Since I have the $5 coupon, I almost bought this, except for them being pink.

We are all getting practice for buying a Bowl Of Cornflakes. Need to hit the buy button FAST to get these items where there are only 15 to buy.

If you’re accustomed to Sennheisers I think you may find these disappointing unfortunately.

Well, atleast I don’t feel as dissappointed on these selling out on me.

Well, atleast I don’t feel as dissappointed on these selling out on me.