Jensen Headshox Metal Earbuds

Not really. I’d call it a light metallic purple. Got three sets the first time they listed them (last wootoff, I think), wanted to get another color but figured I’d put black enamel (model paint) on mine (the rest to my wife) – well, they’re NOT what anyone would consider “pink”, nothing I mind having in my ears (without painting 'em!), and, best part of all, they sound better than most in-ear phones (they rank close to the Microsoft Premium and the Koss in-ear phones I got here).

Tried to get three more today, but they were sold-out by the time I hit the button to confirm my order. Argh!

Those who find the sound quality lacking are possibly not using the right sized silicone caps (they come with three sets, three sizes) – proper fit DOES affect the sound – or, they may need to tweak the equalizer in their player (if it was originally optimized for use with lesser quality earphones, then THESE will sound bad until the equalizer is properly set up. And, for a very few people, it could simply be a case of not recognizing genuinely good sound rendition AS “good” – having been hammered for years by “boom-boom” noise-music.