Jericho Cancelled - Largest protest in the history of television...

…so they say. This seems like just the type of thing this group would get behind.

At 2 p.m. on May 16, 2007, CBS announced its 2007-2008 primetime slate. Jericho was not on it. The network has decided that it wasn’t worth the fight to relaunch it for a second season.

Immediatly following the announcement fans started organizing to save the show. In addition to calling, emailing, faxing, and writing letters, Jericho fans are sending nuts to CBS. We are not just talking a few bags of cashews, as I write this Jericho fans have ordered 16,707 POUNDS of nuts. That’s over 8 TONS for those of you contemplating the math.

I’m sure there must be a Jericho fan or two here. I’m here. If you want to help, or just for more information check out:

I’m a fan and so is my husband. I heard on the radio tonight that CBS is in talks with the actors to come back for a two-hour special to give the show an actual ending. Would really suck if they leave us with those helicopters flying over and the two sides ready for battle. I rather have another season than a two hour special though.

WHOO, Thank sucks. One of the very few shows I try to watch!!! Unreal when dancing stuff can beat a great show., sad

yes… dancing with the stars blows… but, just so everyone knows, So You Think You Can Dance is a hot show… love that one.

I don’t watch this show but I found this interesting

Jehrico is another in a long list of good shows to get canned by dumb networks who cater to the lowest common denominator. A few years ago it was the show Ed. This year it’s Jehrico and Studio 60. Sad.

Don’t forget love monkey…they put that stupid “the Unit” show in it’s place. WHO THE HELL WATCHES “THE UNIT”

Never watched it, no clue what it’s about… I’ll take some nuts though.

Ah, the great American protest is alive and well.

Out of Vietnam, end of legislated racism, and bringing back Jericho.

too bad Firefly didn’t get this kind of support.

hahaha! but then we wouldn’t have gotten serenity now would we?

True, but I would have rather had about 8 more seasons of Firefly :wink:

tu chey

Jericho was a show??? On TV???

now its getting a face lift

Yes it is coming back I heard on entertainment news this morning.