Jesco LED Track Lights

Does anyone know if this can be direct wired? It says in the specs it can be direct connected, I not sure that is the same thing.

It depends on the electric code in your area. These can absolutely be directly wired (you clip off the plug and wire it in directly, and then just leave the switch on the device on, and use your wall switch to control).

In some states this will not technically pass code, however, IMHO it is ridiculous that this wouldn’t be allowed, as it is perfectly safe. It is a bit easier if you are required to have conduit in your wall, but could be done just about anywhere.

If you are not doing a lot of work and are not going to have an inspection then you should be fine.

No major work, just want to replace an old fixture that is hard wired, everything is already there. Thanks for the input.

What is the length of the cord?


Length of the power cord should be 72 inch.

Any idea what the power consumption is on the different settings?

S801-12/30 Hi-8.6W Lo-1.8W
S801-24/30 Hi-16.2W Lo-3.3W
S801-36/30 Hi-24.1W Lo-5W

Right on, thank you

Can these be used with a dimmer?

These don’t seem to be that bright. I saw in a CNET review of light bulbs that a 60 W incandescent bulb put out 800 lumens of light. Just checked online and GE 60 W incandescent bulbs put out something like 820-900 lumens each.

One of these 36" fixtures only puts out about 400 lumens, which makes it extremely expensive for the amount of light you get. I’ll pass until the price beco more reasonable, our just buy a screw-in fixture for 4 CFLs.

Might be better to get a rope light, a 16 ft one on Amazon was around $30.

I’ve seen weapon lights put out less lumens than this light fixture. I have some Cree LED 800 lumen bulbs (60W equivalent) in my office and it lights it up like a laboratory.

400 lumens is plenty powerful for under cabinet lighting, although the color temp listed (3000K) is a bit more yellow than I prefer.

I ordered two of the 36" units to try under my kitchen cabinets.